Twitter, The Last Frontier: the true story behind the @WholeMarsBlog Twitter account

My name is Scott Woods, and I live in Virginia. I created the @WholeMarsBlog Twitter account. I created it to be a account to share Whole Mars blog posts and content. It became so much more, and a very powerful tool that surprises me daily.

I have no hate for Aaron Greenspan or his “charity”, just the harassment and doxxing of people on the internet and the conspiracy of fraud at Tesla and that Elon Musk employed Omar at one time or currently. There is too much to list here but the most upsetting is that he has accused Elon of having a health condition, and other short sellers have spread a conspiracy recently when Elon visited Germany he went to the hospital for chest pain. I’m not saying Greenspan was part of the Germany disinformation I’m lumping him in with short sellers or people who trade by puts. I don’t like short selling that comes with Tesla because the shorts don’t base the thesis in reality. They spread rumors, leaks, and manipulate ex-employees of Tesla. They say they have evidence of fraud, then block everyone on Twitter who’s pro-Tesla.

I don’t want to be writing this but I should, this isn’t in my skill set.

I started @WholeMarsBlog because I’m a fan of Omar and his humor, which can be jaded at times and trollish. People say he wouldn’t say half the things to people’s faces but I think he would probably say it –– just less humorously and more politely. I don’t like talking behind people’s backs If I say something privately I’d probably say it publicly. Me and Omar barely know each other and have never met in real life. I live on the east coast he lives on the west coast but we talk daily or at least try.

Let me be a fan boy for a bit…

I’m not a talented writer never will be. Omar is. When I saw the Steve Jobs Ghost Tweets I even asked if he knew Jobs or someone close to him because it was pretty good impression. He would post photos of houses like the one Steve Jobs created Apple on. But here’s the kicker he was trolling and trying to disprove the short-sellers’ disinformation campaign. It was funny and I never really see him be mean to people but somehow Aaron and Omar’s paths crossed. I never really saw what happened word for word but I understood that they didn’t agree and didn’t enjoy each other. When humans don’t like other humans they will do either 2 well 3 things

•flight, but stay calm and say they are wrong and heres why ignore each other (the smart “Omar” ones do that untill they get blindsided (harassment)

•fight, it’s twitter but it happens I’m more prone than Omar to say fuck you or call someone a cunt and get rude. I actually never seen him on social media say cunt but I think that’s the redneck in me

Steve Jobs Ghost ignored the hate trolls but made fun of their delusions of conspiracy at young automaker. Buy the young automaker and now have over 69,000 miles on a a car that he likes more than I think he likes women and when you like something and someone as passionately as Omar does you will defended it pretty outrageously.

Spoiler alert @wholemarsblog is me but I share his content just like Sofiaan and Shelly did before with @thirdrowtesla and Shelly’s account and I also write tweets for it when I feel like it and there may or may not be others helping out (like Jim). I don’t check with Omar before posting or anything because it’s an unofficial fan account. It’s his blog he’s the creator I’m just the microphone. He’s funnier, I have a sick sense of humor if I tell someone to choke on a dick or something I don’t wish physical harm on anyone. Choking on dick isn’t fun. I was once told tslaq started as joke, but I think the joke part went over people’s heads.

I don’t want to ever to be misunderstood that my dislike of someone’s opinion no matter how crazy means I hate them and wish them harm. I hate no human. I’ve said it on @scottpidity the only Teslaq person that got under my skin was Montana but I don’t hate him I hate his opinion and that’s it I won’t argue with him. I just strongly disagree with everything he’s said. TSLAQ is thin skinned and litigious I don’t get it the Greenspan lawsuit as one interest for me disproving accusations of fraud at the company but I think it’s a waste of talent for Omar Elon and Aaron. Actually done my fair bit of research and he seems like Aaron has some talents and if his charity is legit then cool cool but I don’t like short-sellers i think they want people to lose jobs and dreams they built with Tesla.

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