Mach-E Held Back by Legacy Dealerships

So, you placed your order for a Mustang Mach-E. You’re all set and know what car you’re going to get and how much you’re going to have to pay for it… right? Don’t be so sure. Gustavo Henrique Ruffo makes a great point over at InsideEVs with an article titled “Ford Still Carries an Extra […]

Green Car Reports Rides in the Mustang Mach-E

Friday evening, groups of three journalists were able to ride in prototype Mach-Es over a 10-minute route that included the streets of Hawthorne, California—right past Tesla’s Southern California design studio, where we rode along in a Tesla Model Y earlier in the year—and both an acceleration run and a short slalom course. Green Car Reports One […]

Watch Ford Debut the Mustang Mach-E Tonight

Ford will unveil the Mustang Mach-E tonight, and I’m incredibly excited to see what they have to tell us. You can watch live on YouTube at 6 PM California time, 9 PM Eastern Time, 02:00 UTC: The Leaked Specs Someone found a Mach-E website which looks like it wasn’t supposed to be released yet. The […]