Autopilot Dual Redundancy Activated in Latest Update

Tesla hacker @greentheonly reports that the visualization wasn’t the only new thing in the latest Autopilot update: Tesla’s Full Self Driving computer actually consists of two completely separate computers, each with its own processors, RAM, and storage. Each computer runs an operating system that is completely identical yet completely separate from the computer on the […]

Smart Summon Launches in China

In the latest step for Full Self Driving, Smart summon has launched in China today: Smart Summon for China 🇨🇳 is finally here! 🎉 🎉 🎉 — 特拉风🇨🇳T☰SLA mania (@Tesla__Mania) December 23, 2019

Green Discovers 3D Models for Stop Signs and Lights

Thought you’d seen everything that’s in the latest Tesla software update? Don’t be so sure: Tesla hacker @greentheonly has discovered some 3D models for stop signs and stop lights hidden and ostensibly unused in the latest firmware. Presumably, these models will be used to draw stop signs and stop lights into the Autopilot driving visualization. […]