Bloomberg: Tesla Shorts in "Winter of Despair"

Esha Dey brings us this great headline from Bloomberg: Investors betting against Tesla Inc. are facing the “worst of times” with the electric-vehicle maker’s stock price on a tear over the past seven months. Tesla shares gained 0.4% to close at a record on Friday, rising more than 120% from a low of $178.97 on June 3. Bloomberg Ouch. […]

Jim Chanos Defends Short Selling

After Elon Musk tweeted that “short selling should be illegal”, famous short seller and $TSLAQ leader Jim Chanos took to Twitter to respond. According to Chanos, selling airline tickets and Full Self Driving packages are examples of short selling. Gotcha Elon! Of course, this justification makes absolutely no sense. Selling a plane ticket is just […]

World's Biggest Pension Fund Stops Lending Shares to Short Sellers

Japanese giant GPIF has halted stock lending from its equity portfolio: Japan’s public pension fund has struck a blow against short-sellers, declaring that it will no longer allow overseas shares to be lent out from its ¥80tn ($733bn) global equity portfolio.  Financial Times In a major blow to short sellers, Japan’s public pension will no […]