Zoox Unveils Ugly Bi-Directional Autonomous Carriage

This week Zoox, the autonomous vehicle company Amazon recently acquired, unveiled an autonomous electric vehicle that they supposedly plan to make available as part of a Robotaxi service. Conceptually, it’s fairly similar to the Cruise Origin, another AEV with a bidirectional design: There are a few things to like here. The idea of an autonomous-only […]

Zoox Founder Has a New Self-Driving Startup

Remember that guy who co-founded Zoox and then got fired a year before they sold to Amazon? No? Well, he has a new self-driving startup that’s probably funded by that Bezos money he got out of Zoox’s exit. Early-stage HYPR, created by Zoox co-founder Tim Kentley Klay, says it’s using reinforcement learning, a branch of machine […]