Waymo to Volvo: “We need more partners”

Hey, whatever happened to Waymo? Weren’t they supposed to launch an autonomous robotaxi service worldwide or something? Well if you’ve been wondering you’re in luck. They’ve just announced a partnership with Volvo: On the path to building the World’s Most Experienced Driver, we partner with some of the world’s largest automakers to realize our mission […]

Waymo CEO Krafcik Celebrates Fifth Anniversary as CEO

So five years into John Krafcik’s gig as CEO, how are things going at Waymo? Well, they’re just starting to ramp up on road testing after shutting down for two months. That’s good news. John says the time off road doesn’t matter, because Waymo has so many miles in simulation. Of course, a simulation can’t […]

Waymo “Chief Safety Officer” Steps Down

Amir Efrati has the scoop on Waymo over at The Information: Deborah Hersman, who last year joined Alphabet’s Waymo division to improve the safety-related practices at the self-driving car developer, has stepped down, The Information has learned. She remains a consultant to the company, which recently raised $3 billion from outside investors. At Waymo, Hersman […]

Waymo Founder Shares Thoughts on Autopilot

Sebastian Thrun, the founder of Google X and the Google Self Driving Car Project, has shared some thoughts on Autopilot in a recent interview with Lex Fridman: Sebastian Loves His Tesla Sebastian starts off by saying that he owns a Tesla, and loves it. He says he uses Autopilot “literally every day” and credits it […]

John Gruber on Alphabet

John Gruber has a great take on yesterday’s Alphabet news: This whole “Alphabet” thing is a joke. I still don’t get what they’re even trying for with it. The company is Google and we all know it. The subsidiary owns the parent and everyone knows it. No one is fooled by this. Nothing has changed […]

Alphabet was kind of a shitty idea

Mark Bergen and Alistair Barr have a little bit more for us on yesterday’s news that Google’s founders are out and Sundar Pichai will be CEO of Alphabet. The Google founders’ decision to step down ends a multiyear effort to turn their company into the Berkshire Hathaway of technology by embracing Warren Buffett’s hands-off management […]