The Dissident

Great documentary on Jamal Khashoggi. If you’re interested in another great story about how social media has shaken the foundations of modern life, check it out: Check out the documentary’s official website

Pandemic Helps Oil Cartel Consolidate Market

Kevin Crowley, David Wethe, and Sheela Tobben have an interesting story out on Bloomberg this weekend about how the pandemic has killed U.S. shale oil producers and consolidated control of global oil markets in the hands of OPEC: “In the future, certainly we believe OPEC will be the swing producer — really, totally in control of […]

Bank Directors Have Ties to Fossil Fuels, Bloomberg Finds

We’re just beginning to understand the myriad ways that incumbent oligopolies have preserved the status quo in global energy markets for so long. Here’s Bloomberg’s latest observation: The world’s largest banks have issued billions in loans to sustainable businesses and taken some steps to restrict funding for some of world’s worst polluters. But the greening […]

Battered oil markets face threat from electric vehicles

Matthew Green and Simon Jessop have a great story at Reuters about the future of the global oil market: Oil companies may be facing uncertainty as the coronavirus pandemic triggers a collapse in demand for their products, but auto makers are betting the crisis will help accelerate an electric future. Reuters This is a little […]

Massive Unprecedented Fossil Fuel Writedown Sweeps Energy Sector

Christopher M. Matthews and Rebecca Elliott have a great report out on the news from Chevron yesterday: Chevron Corp. is writing down the value of its assets by more than $10 billion, a concession that in an age of abundant oil and gas some of its holdings won’t be profitable anytime soon. The Wall Street Journal Chevron […]