Forbes: Audi to Cut 9,500 Jobs To Fund EV Shift

Who will fund the shift to electric vehicles? Today, Volkswagen annouced that nearly 10,000 Audi workers will help pay for the transition –– with their jobs: German carmaker Audi has revealed it will cut 9,500 of its 61,000 jobs in Germany by 2025 to free up funds to invest in electric vehicles. Forbes Yikes. That’s […]

U.S. To Test Mirrorless Side Camera System for Cars

Interesting story from August on Reuters: e U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to test how drivers could use cameras to replace traditional rearview mirrors in automobiles, a technology already allowed in other countries, the agency said on Tuesday. Reuters Cars like the Audi étron have this sytem in Europe, but it’s not allowed […]