Read Tesla’s Lawsuit against Rivian

While everyone was distracted by Tesla’s Q2 results, a surprising little piece of news slipped out: Tesla is suing Rivian, as of the 17th of July. Rivian is one of the most promising EV startups with products that seem very compelling, so it’s disappointing to see Tesla suing them. It certainly doesn’t fit perfectly with […]

Elon Musk Announces Start of Tesla Semi Volume Production

What’s that lassie?!? Trevor Milton just shit his pants? Well go get him some new pants, what are you waiting for! That’s right –– in the leaked email above, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says the company is moving the Tesla Semi from limited production to volume production. This is an incredibly important and dramatically underrated […]

Frederic Makes Assumptions About Model Y, Surprising Move Indicating his Girlfriend is Cheating on Him

Lately there’s been a lot of talk across the Tesla community about misinformation published by Frederic Lambert at Electrek. Critics point to a growing number of stories published in Electrek that turned out to be completely untrue. Frederic has often repeated or disseminated talking points from Tesla short sellers, including false information about myself and […]

Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car in California in Q1 2020

Did you ever think you’d live to see the day when electric vehicles would begin outselling all of their polluting competition? Well, if you live in places like Norway or California, that day is today. CleanTechnica is now reporting (based on data from the California New Car Dealers Association) that the Tesla Model 3 managed […]

Tesla drops prices on Model S, 3, X

Effective immediately, Tesla has dropped the price to order a Model S, Model 3 or Model X. Model Y prices don’t appear to have changed. My guess is this move was made in response to a slower economy, reduced battery costs, and more orders for the Model Y than the company is able to produce. […]

Autopilot Live Miles Counter Updated

At the request of several readers (thank you for the reminder), I’ve updated my Tesla Autopilot lives miles counter, based on Lex Fridman’s estimates. Don’t take this too seriously, it’s just an estimate. I think it reports different numbers on different browsers, so there’s probably some floating point bugs or something –– but it gives […]