The Story

How Aaron Greenspan’s Charity PlainSite Silences Critics by Cyberstalking

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1. Who is Omar Qazi?

2. Everything Goes to Shit

3. Me and My Model 3

4. Meet $TSLAQ

5. Trolling the Trolls

6. Meet Aaron Greenspan

7. Who is Aaron Greenspan?

Aaron Greenspan has filed an illegal SLAPP-suit against Elon Musk and Omar Qazi for bringing attention to allegations of tax fraud, securities fraud, cyberstalking, and criminal harassment by the Think Computer Foundation (doing business as PlainSite). If you can please donate to the Legal GoFundMe or via PayPal to make sure Aaron Jacob Greenspan is finally held accountable for his harassment of so many Tesla customers


  1. How Aaron Greenspan Worked with Martin Tripp to Harass Tesla Customers
  2. Aaron Greenspan on Why He Decided to Sue Mark Zuckerburg
  3. Think Computer Foundation Tax Records Reveal Massive Losses
  4. Harvard Shut Down Aaron Greenspan’s Website for Stealing Student Passwords
  5. Aaron Greenspan Admits He Lost $60,000 Shorting Tesla Through June 2020
  6. Aaron Greenspan’s Letter to Mark Zuckerberg Urged Him to Sell Facebook to Yahoo
  7. The Best Reviews of Aaron Greenspan’s Autobiography
  8. How to lose your 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status without really trying
  9. PlainSite Commerical Reveals Charity’s Initial Focus on Lobbying
  10. The Dark Money Secretly Bankrolling Activist Short Sellers

These days, pretty much everyone posts comments online. Depending on who you are, maybe you post a lot of them. Well imagine this:

What if one day you were posting about someone you read about in the news on a screen name, and that person saw your comment? What if your comment made that person so angry that they messaged you, threatening to ruin your life if you didn’t delete the tweets right away? Would you have deleted it, or said no?

What if that person then tracked you down and posted your real name, address, and job information on their Twitter in an attempt to intimidate you? Would you expect them to call your boss, smear you, send fake copyright complaints, have your account removed, and then sue you and Elon Musk for supposedly conspiring to make fun of them?

Well, that’s what happened to me. Now, I have to somehow explain this story to everyone. This is a really difficult story for me to tell emotionally, but it’s also difficult on a practical level as well. I don’t know how to share this without making a blog post the length of a book. So I figure what I’ll do is post it one chapter at a time, so people can follow along and skip the boring parts if they want.

Check back here and subscribe to email updates so you’ll be notified as soon as each new chapter comes out. If you can, please donate to help defend against Aaron Greenspan’s lawsuit and try and make sure he and his TSLAQ accomplices never have a next victim.