Battered oil markets face threat from electric vehicles

Matthew Green and Simon Jessop have a great story at Reuters about the future of the global oil market: Oil companies may be facing uncertainty as the coronavirus pandemic triggers a collapse in demand for their products, but auto makers are betting the crisis will help accelerate an electric future. Reuters This is a little […]

Response to Frederic

My name is Omar Qazi, and I called Frederic Lambert a “complete piece of shit”. Do I regret my choice of words and choice of venue? Yes, very much so. I apologize sincerely to Frederic, and to my podcast team. But what can I say? At the time, it came from the heart. I own […]

Alphabet was kind of a shitty idea

Mark Bergen and Alistair Barr have a little bit more for us on yesterday’s news that Google’s founders are out and Sundar Pichai will be CEO of Alphabet. The Google founders’ decision to step down ends a multiyear effort to turn their company into the Berkshire Hathaway of technology by embracing Warren Buffett’s hands-off management […]

Jim Chanos Not Amused at Gigafactory Progress; Blocks Account He Condecendingly Subtweeted Last Year

It all started in February, when famed short-seller Jim Chanos subtweeted Twitter user Domenick commenting on the progress of Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory. Chanos tweeted with a smug sense of superiority, as is usual for $TSLAQ accounts. Through his mocking and condecending tone he declared: We are smarter than you. We understand the auto industry, and […]

Tesla Short Sellers covering like crazy

Tesla short sellers are buying shares to cover their short positions like crazy — but the short burn hasn’t even begun. Tesla is the most shorted stock on the market. With the drop from around 45 million shares shorted to around 30 million shorts have decreased the size of their position by about a third, […]

Der Spiegel: Will Tesla kill the German Car?

Oh man, this is just too good. If you read one article today, make it this one. In this amazing feature length cover story for German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel Germany begins to wake up and ask itself: Is it too late to save the German auto industry? You can read the full article […]

Vision Fund starting to look like a shit on a plate, posts $6.5 billion operating loss after WeWork and Uber crap their pants on the public markets

Visionary investor Masayoshi Son is disclosing the damage that Uber and WeWork did to their ridiculously massive venture capital fund last quarter… and it’s not pretty. The Japanese investment powerhouse on Wednesday reported its first quarterly operating loss in 14 years — about $6.5 billion –after writing down the value of a string of marquee […]