Autopilot will be Feature Complete This Month

It’s December 2019: The month Tesla Autopilot launches the first public beta of “feature complete” full self driving. We’ve already seen some steps towards feature complete status with more agressive lane changes this week, but Elon has suggested that Navigate on Autopilot on city streets could launch to Early Access this month: It’s a kind […]

Green Finds Reference to “CityStreetsBehavior” in 2019.40 Firmware

Here’s an interesting tidbit Tesla hacker greentheonly found while digging through the 2019.40 firmware: While looking through the symbols in the firmware, Green apparently saw some code or configuration keys referencing “CityStreetsBehavior”, which he claims was not there before. This would suggest that work is being done to enable city streets functionality for Navigate on […]

Daimler Cuts More than 10,000 Jobs Worldwide

Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler tried to sneak some news past Amerians during the holiday weekend: Daimler, the German carmaker that owns Mercedes-Benz, has said it will shed at least 10,000 jobs worldwide as it seeks to fund the switch to electric cars. Daimler personnel chief Wilfried Porth told journalists the number of jobs lost would […]

The Verge Reviews the Taycan

Sean O’Kane at The Verge got his hands on a Taycan. His review is below. If you’re going to buy a Porsche, this is the one you want. While we’re talking about the Toucan, you might also want to check out these latest photos Bloomberg got of the factory in Germany.

Commercial Truck Buyers Comment on Cybertruck

Hyperchange has a new video out about the Cybertruck, and it’s full of great stuff, but one moment in particular caught my attention. In the video, Gali shares a comment he received from someone who maintains a fleet of commercial trucks: I have a fleet of commercial vehicles. Maintenance is a HUGE expense. The Cybertruck […]

Third Row Tesla Podcast

My buddy Sofiaan Fraval is hosting a new podcast that you’re definitely going to want to subscribe to. This weeks guests include me, Sof, Gali from Hyperchange, Vincent, K10, Viv, and Tesla Raj. You can listen to it on Spotify.

Gigafactory Berlin Rumored to Begin Construction Spring 2020

Take this rumor with a grain of salt, but Spring 2020 was floated as a possible construction start date by this ostensibly German source: Here is a short summary of the progress #Gigafactory4 since the announcement of Elon Musk on 12.11.2019..🔊 — #Gf4 #Gigafactory4 (@Gf4Tesla) November 27, 2019

One Small Step Closer to Autonomy: Tesla Releases 2019.40 AI Update

Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, Tesla rolled out a software update with the latest versions of the “Tesla Vision” Artificial Intelligence sensing system. The release notes pictured above were provided. Three major changes were mentioned in the release notes: 1. 170 kW Supercharging for Standard Range Model 3 I have a Long Range battery which supports […]

Russ Mitchell Admits Model 3 is Awesome

Happy thanksgiving everyone! There’s a lot to be thankful for, as $TSLAQ falls apart. We already heard that Jim Cramer is buying a Model X earlier this week. Now, even renowned Tesla-hater journalist Russ Mitchell is forced to admit: The Model 3 is one of “the best driving cars ever. […] Congrats to Tesla!” Not […]

Uber Hit with $650 million Employment Tax Bill in New Jersey

More good news for Uber: Uber Technologies Inc. owes New Jersey about $650 million in unemployment and disability insurance taxes because the rideshare company has been misclassifying drivers as independent contractors, the state’s labor department said. Bloomberg Law Oops. For those who haven’t been following this saga closely, Uber’s entire business model depends on classifying workers […]