Tesla Short Seller Aaron Greenspan Starts Rumor That Elon Musk Has Cancer

As losses mount for Turing Feynman LLC, the investment arm of Tesla short-seller Aaron Greenspan’s fraudulent charity, Greenspan’s desperation has soared to new heights. The short seller, who claims he invented Facebook, is now attempting to start a rumor that Elon Musk has cancer in an attempt to influence Tesla’s soaring stock price.

These illegal short and distort tactics are nothing new for Greenspan, who recently sued Square, Inc. for patent infringement after claiming the company stole the idea for Square Cash from his app “FaceCash”. Greenspan is infamous for harassing, stalking and threatening anyone who speaks out against him or even makes fun of him for claiming he invented Facebook.

A Classic Short and Distort Fraud

What Greenspan is attempting here is a classic case of short and distort fraud. The idea is to circulate false or unsubstantiated allegations that will harm Tesla’s stock price while making stock market bets that will pay off if the company’s share price falls.

You can report suspected fraud and wrongdoing to the SEC here.

Short and distort is a crime, and in extreme cases, people are prosecuted for it.

You can also use this form to alert the IRS of suspected tax fraud by a non-profit. The Think Computer Foundation, a non-profit, is being illegally used to inure private benefit to Greenspan and Turing Feynman’s short-selling bets. Tesla short-sellers are donating to this “charity” and taking a tax deduction knowing fully well that the funds will be used not for charitable purposes but to attack Tesla and it’s customers.

Tesla short sellers reacted with excitement, expressing hope that Musk would die so that they might lose less money on their foolish stock market bets:

Tesla Short Seller Aaron Greenspan is trying to start a rumor that Elon Musk has cancer

Click here to view a picture of Aaron Greenspan wearing a purple shirt

9 thoughts on “Tesla Short Seller Aaron Greenspan Starts Rumor That Elon Musk Has Cancer

  1. Does Aaron Greenspan have tertiary syphilis?

    According to Wikipedia, Nietzsche was rumored to have gone mad due to syphilis.

    Furthermore, “Since 2000, rates of syphilis have been increasing in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Europe, primarily among men who have sex with men.”

    1. It is not spyphilis. Purple shirt is severly autistic. The red near the ears in every picture are common with people who have mental health difficulties and autisim.

    1. Aaron Jacob Greenspan suffers from Schizophrenic Psychosis and Autusm combined. This mentally deranged person would be locked up in a Psychiatric Facility or Prison in any other country. Unfortunately because of all the cutbacks in mental health deranged and dangerous mentally ill people such as Aaron J. Greenspan are allowed to roam free in the United States, when in fact he belongs locked up on a mental health ward permanently.

  2. Oh my god, a freaking purple shirt! I thought those were just imaginary, Aaron must be so ashamed.
    Can we please get the video of Charley Grant looking stupid like a coked out lizard when caught off guard when the camera panned to him. I cant find it anywhere!

  3. OMAR!!! you are always with us mate… celebrating all time highs (cause we should), but y’all know this thing is going to 420… the investor in me has to keep calm and stay rational… increased position 1000%, as i do wish it was 2000% as thing was falling like a bloody rag! you da man, keep it up.

  4. Aaron is looking a little flush. And I’m so flush with cash — thanks to TSLA — that maybe I throw his bogus charity a nickel.

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