Nikola wins “worst company of the year” award

Congratulations Nikola! Finally, an achievement the entire company can be proud of. You’ve earned your place in the history books. Nikola Motor Company (NKLA) is the worst company of the year, according to Yahoo Finance users, who chose the company in a poll. Nikola received almost five times more votes than the second-place company, with […]

Response to Some Moron on Nikola

Someone wrote a stupid article recommending Nikola stock, so here’s my response. On one hand I feel like I probably shouldn’t be wasting my time on this, but on the other hand somebody’s gotta do it. Here’s the title of the article: Don’t Bet Against Innovation and Nikola Motors Nikola stock will ride innovation to […]

Gali and Matt Joyce Take a Look at Nikola

For those who haven’t taken a good look at Nikola, you have to check out Gali’s latest Hyperchange video with Matt Joyce. This is Gali and Hyperchange at their best: they dig into the details you need clearly for 40 minutes, and the story for the company is so bad its entertaining. Check it out […]