Thank you for saving me, Tesla community

Today I have to write a thank you note that is long overdue, and that I’ve meaning to write for a long time.

To everyone who has helped and supported me against years of threats and attacks from Aaron Greenspan and his fraudulent “charity” the Think Computer Foundation, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and how humbled I am by your support. Like wow, I really can’t do justice to it in words how much it means to me. You have saved me from a lot of pain, and your support has made all the difference in the world in keeping me sane.

This has been a struggle and taken a huge toll on me ever since Aaron Greenspan doxxed me and posted my location and personal information online as retaliation for speaking out about him on my 25th birthday. It was already very difficult to deal with emotionally even before Aaron Greenspan filed his lawsuit against me, Elon Musk, my startup, and Tesla.

The GoFundMe campaign I started has now raised over $48,000 to try and finally bring Aaron Greenspan to justice. This was beyond my wildest imagination, and I’m eternally in debt of gratitude to every single person who contributed even $1.

Unfortunately, this is far from over. Aaron intends to try and stretch this out for years, forcing us to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees over nothing. So far, I haven’t had to pay anything out of my own pocket but the way things are going I will have to start doing so soon. Aaron is representing himself so he has nothing to waste but his own time, which he is happy to waste because he has nothing better to do. He is filing every motion possible and making a mockery of the court by abusing the justice system to force me to spend as much money as possible defending against ridiculous accusations, such as that I was paid by Tesla to tweet about their products and am not a real customer. Needless to say, his delusional allegations are plainly false.

The good news is, if we file a countersuit against his charity, his company, and their board of directors, he will have to hire a lawyer to defend himself. The other good news is the anti-SLAPP statute, which was created specifically for situations like this where people file frivolous lawsuits to harass journalists and commentators into silence. Interestingly enough, it was created when fossil fuel giants tried to sue clean energy advocates into silence for “defamation”. Should the anti-SLAPP motion prevail, Greenspan will be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. The only issue is just making sure I don’t run out of cash to defend myself until then.

So what now?

Now, we have to keep fighting. I’m calling out for help, because I’m in my 20s and being ganged up on by a group of balding old men with much more legal experience than I have, and I need help. To all the people who have donated to the GoFundMe, thank you again so much. My heart is on my sleeves for you. But the sad and shocking thing is, even $48,000 is not going to cover it. This is going to cost me a lot of money. Every crowdfunded dollar makes it less likely that I’ll have to give in to Greenspan’s demands for a gag order and settle. What he wants is for me to never be allowed to speak about him again, and to delete everything I’ve ever said about him online.

I feel terrible being in this position where I have to beg for money, as there are a ton of people and causes that need money much more than I do. But if you’re one of the few people who understands what Greenspan has been doing, this is me begging for help. For international users who prefer PayPal, I’ve created a PayPal fund pool in addition to the GoFundMe.

If you can’t donate, that’s ok. Please look after yourself first. But what you can do is help spread the word. Aaron hurts people to try and keep them quiet, so let’s make this lawsuit backfire on that goal big-time. Write about him, tweet about him, make YouTube videos about him. Make fun of him, laugh at him, investigate him like we did with Trevor Milton. Please be aware that he will threaten you and try and retaliate, so it’s best to do it anonymously –– but to do it at all, you have to be brave. To all the courageous people who have spoken up about Aaron, I can’t tell you how much it means to me. It’s just as much help as a donation. So many people believe his lies about me because it seems like an official charity is saying it, rather than someone trying to act out on a grudge. Everything we can do to get the word out about what’s really going on helps minimize the damage he’s trying to do to my reputation and life, and the lives of so many others.

I’ll also start taking additional action to sell personal assets if necessary. One thing I was considering is auctioning off my car, starting at $10,000. It is a Black 2018 Model 3 with the FSD computer and 69,000 miles on it, but the cool thing is Elon sat in it and signed it when I interviewed him at his house in January. I wanted to keep it and never sell it, but I will if that’s what it takes to bring out the truth about what Aaron has been doing. I could also sell stonks and other things.

Finally, I’m starting to write down my story documenting the timeline of all of Aaron’s threats and retaliation all in one blog post. This will be a long interesting story, and hopefully, help raise awareness and funds to help stop Aaron.

Thank you so much. I love you all. I wish I could better find the right words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart. You have saved me from a lot of pain as Aaron Greenspan and his TSLAQ buddies continue to attack.

My long term hope is that this situation can expose the extreme irrational animosity and hatred between Tesla short sellers and Tesla customers. I have friends on the TSLAQ side, and there’s no reason why we can’t disagree without trying to hurt in each other in real life. I hope discussing this situation brings light to how crazy things have really gotten. It’s okay to think a company is overvalued, but that doesn’t mean you start threatening their customers for saying they like their car. Similarly, shorts should be able to give an honest take without being afraid of threats from people on the pro-EV side.

–– Omar Qazi

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  1. How can Aaron Jacob Greenspan represent himself? Aaron Jacob Greenspan was banned by a judge to serve as pro se for Think Computer Foundation.

  2. Thank you for all that you are doing on all of our behalfs. I donated twice. And will keep donating as and when time and opportunity present themselves.

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