Elon Musk at Axel Springer Awards

“I’m extremely confident in achieving Full Self-Driving and releasing it to the fleet next year… and I think some jurisdictions will have Level 5 autonomy next year.”–@elonmusk 12/1/2020 — James Stephenson (@ICannot_Enough) December 1, 2020

Why Apple’s M1 Chip is So Fast

Erik Engheim has a great write up on what makes Apple’s M1 chip so fast. It’s a bit technical, but if you’re interested in CPUs you’ll love it. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place. Here I plan to break it down into digestible pieces exactly what it is […]

Martin Tripp to Pay $420,000 to Settle Tesla Case

Tesla’s long legal battle with Martin Tripp is finally over: A former Tesla Inc. employee who locked horns with Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has agreed to pay the company $400,000 […] The payment is part of a proposed settlement of a lawsuit Tesla filed in 2018 that accused Martin Tripp of illegally divulging trade secrets about the production […]

Zoox Founder Has a New Self-Driving Startup

Remember that guy who co-founded Zoox and then got fired a year before they sold to Amazon? No? Well, he has a new self-driving startup that’s probably funded by that Bezos money he got out of Zoox’s exit. Early-stage HYPR, created by Zoox co-founder Tim Kentley Klay, says it’s using reinforcement learning, a branch of machine […]

Mark Cuban on America’s Future

We’ve lost our form of government. We don’t pick the best candidates. I don’t think anybody’s here to say that Joe Biden and Donald Trump were the best and brightest that this country has to offer, or even out of the primaries from either party. We are now seeing the downside of having a political […]

Victoria, Australia Adds Fines for Blocking EV Chargers

Nothing is worse than when you need to use a charger, only to find that it’s being blocked by a gas car looking for an easy parking space. New rules in Victoria, Australia hope to change that: Drivers who block electric vehicle chargers in Victoria will be fined under new road rules.  Non-electric vehicles, or […]