Waymo to Volvo: “We need more partners”

Hey, whatever happened to Waymo? Weren’t they supposed to launch an autonomous robotaxi service worldwide or something? Well if you’ve been wondering you’re in luck. They’ve just announced a partnership with Volvo: On the path to building the World’s Most Experienced Driver, we partner with some of the world’s largest automakers to realize our mission […]

More Autopilot Misinformation

Following the historic launch of Crew Dragon this weekend, many wondered what negative talking points Tesla short sellers could possibly muster when they clocked back in on Monday. If you have “Autopilot is going to kill you” on your bingo card, mark it off –– they went with the old favorite. Of course, TSLAQ twisting […]

Amazon in Talks to Acquire Zoox

Our friends at Zoox, the startup that recently settled a lawsuit for stealing trade secrets from Tesla, are out of money. Self-driving is a capital intensive business. Many have been wondering who would bite the bullet and buy them out, and now Cara Lombardo and Tim Higgins have a report in the Wall Street Journal […]

GM Makes Hard Cuts at Cruise

Dana Hull and Ed Ludlow have the details on Cruise’s recent layoffs over at Bloomberg: In a notice to mayors and other California government officials dated May 15, Cruise disclosed that 165 employees would be permanently laid off. Of those workers, 40% had the words engineer or engineering in their job title. Bloomberg That’s about 66 […]

Chinese Researchers Train Neural Net to See in the Dark

I’m constantly amazed with what neural networks can do. Many people say autonomous cars need LIDAR because cameras don’t work well in the dark. Leaving aside the fact that cars have headlights, check out these results. The researchers seem to have improved significantly on the previous state of the art in neural net based low […]