Toyota’s Hydrogen Delusion Threatens Its Existence

We’re in an interesting spot in the EV revolution. On one hand, electric vehicles have gained enough momentum that it now seems more or less inevitable that they will grow to consume the entire passenger vehicle market in time. On the other hand, how and when that will happen remains a subject of fierce debate. […]

WSJ: How Volkswagen’s $50 Billion Plan to Beat Tesla Short-Circuited

Oh boy. With a headline like that, you know the story’s gotta be good: ZWICKAU, Germany—Five years and nearly $50 billion into the auto industry’s biggest bet on electric vehicles, Volkswagen VOW 2.05% CEO Herbert Diess and his guest, Chancellor Angela Merkel, stood in anticipation as the first ID.3, Germany’s long-awaited answer to Tesla, rolled off the assembly line. […]

Snowfall over Gigafactory Berlin

Last year, Gigafactory Shanghai ignited Tesla’s growth and allowed them to capitalize on the fast growing Chinese EV market in a way that just wasn’t possible before. Now, we’re about to see the same thing happen in Berlin with the construction of Tesla’s new European factory moving insanely quickly. But Berlin is an even bigger […]

Aaron Greenspan Attempts to Hack into Whole Mars

As we continue to publish the story of Aaron Greenspan and his fraudulent charity PlainSite’s harassment campaign against Tesla customers, it appears that Greenspan spent Christmas attempting to hack into the admin interface for this website. Ostensibly, he hoped to gain unauthorized access to Whole Mars to remove the story, disrupt this site, or preview […]

EV Transition Divides Volkswagen

The recent drama between Herbert Diess and Volkswagen is emblematic of larger schism driving the legacy automaker apart. While executives like Diess want to set aggressive goals and transition the entire company to zero emissions as soon as possible, workers and unions want to take it slow. This fundamental tension is what forced Diess to […]