Read Tesla’s Lawsuit against Rivian

While everyone was distracted by Tesla’s Q2 results, a surprising little piece of news slipped out: Tesla is suing Rivian, as of the 17th of July. Rivian is one of the most promising EV startups with products that seem very compelling, so it’s disappointing to see Tesla suing them. It certainly doesn’t fit perfectly with […]

Choice Moments from Aaron Greenspan’s Autobiography

Aaron is trying hard to make sure nobody reads my review of his book. You can read more about Aaron Jacob Greenspan’s attempts to silence his critics here. To avoid frivolous copyright claims, we’re no longer hosting this article on the server. Thankfully our friends at the Victims of Aaron Greenspan Foundation have agreed to […]

Insane Demand: Tesla Ordered so many cells, suppliers must expand

Jyunjoo Jin has been hearing some interesting whispers in Korea about Tesla’s orders with LG Chem. Apparently Tesla is ordering a shit ton of cells. So many, that LG Chem will have to spool up new production lines in South Korea to complement the existing production in Nanjing, China. South Korea’s LG Chem Ltd plans […]

Waymo to Volvo: “We need more partners”

Hey, whatever happened to Waymo? Weren’t they supposed to launch an autonomous robotaxi service worldwide or something? Well if you’ve been wondering you’re in luck. They’ve just announced a partnership with Volvo: On the path to building the World’s Most Experienced Driver, we partner with some of the world’s largest automakers to realize our mission […]