Thank you for saving me, Tesla community

Today I have to write a thank you note that is long overdue, and that I’ve meaning to write for a long time. To everyone who has helped and supported me against years of threats and attacks from Aaron Greenspan and his fraudulent “charity” the Think Computer Foundation, I can’t tell you how much I […]

Response to Frederic

My name is Omar Qazi, and I called Frederic Lambert a “complete piece of shit”. Do I regret my choice of words and choice of venue? Yes, very much so. I apologize sincerely to Frederic, and to my podcast team. But what can I say? At the time, it came from the heart. I own […]

Spain Bans Short Selling for a Month

Rodrigo Orihuela brings some much welcome good news from Spain: Spain’s securities regulator banned short selling for a month in an attempt to shield local stocks from the volatility caused by the coronavirus outbreak. Bloomberg Makes sense that they don’t want opportunists trying to make money off this emergency. When that happens, you have people […]

Tesla Short Sellers Filed a Fake NHTSA Petition Under My Name

When news broke three days ago that NHTSA was investigating a motor vehicle defect petition submitted against Tesla for “sudden unintended acceleration”, I knew immediately that it was a frivolous complaint submitted by Tesla short-sellers. The media didn’t describe it that way: the first take from outlets like The Verge (pictured above) said that NHTSA […]