Department of Energy Provides Battery500 Project Update

In July of 2016, right before the election that would transform the federal government, Obama’s Department of Energy launched the Battery500 consortium. The goal was to provide funding and resources to a group of top universities and institutions to figure out how to create a next generation battery cell. The reason the project was started […]

Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car in California in Q1 2020

Did you ever think you’d live to see the day when electric vehicles would begin outselling all of their polluting competition? Well, if you live in places like Norway or California, that day is today. CleanTechnica is now reporting (based on data from the California New Car Dealers Association) that the Tesla Model 3 managed […]

Stanford votes against oil divestment, fearing retaliation

Ben Franta, a Stanford PhD student, has some unfortunate news for us on Twitter. This morning, Ben attended a meeting of the Stanford University faculty senate as they prepared to vote on whether they would recommend divestment from fossil fuels to the board of trustees. Surprisingly, “They voted overwhelmingly to *keep* investing in fossil [fuel]s”. […]

Mercedes “Tesla Killer” EQC Sold 700 Units Total

Simon Alvarez has the latest on the Mercedes-Benz EV, the EQC: The Mercedes-Benz EQC, a vehicle once considered as a potential “Tesla Killer” and a legitimate threat to the Model X, has reportedly sold less than 700 units in its home country since it was launched. This was according to data from Germany’s Federal Motor […]

Amazon in Talks to Acquire Zoox

Our friends at Zoox, the startup that recently settled a lawsuit for stealing trade secrets from Tesla, are out of money. Self-driving is a capital intensive business. Many have been wondering who would bite the bullet and buy them out, and now Cara Lombardo and Tim Higgins have a report in the Wall Street Journal […]

Tesla drops prices on Model S, 3, X

Effective immediately, Tesla has dropped the price to order a Model S, Model 3 or Model X. Model Y prices don’t appear to have changed. My guess is this move was made in response to a slower economy, reduced battery costs, and more orders for the Model Y than the company is able to produce. […]

Porsche blames delay in Taycan’s U.S. Rollout on virus

Urvaksh Karkaria has the latest on the Taycan’s American launch: The coronavirus pandemic has complicated Porsche’s rollout of a “milestone” model in the U.S. Automotive News Who could have seen this coming? I’m shocked. If it hadn’t been for that meddling virus, everyone would be driving a Taycan by now! Gosh darnit!!! Deliveries here of Porsche’s […]

Virus Complicates Legacy Auto’s EV Plans

Christoph Rauwald and Bruce Einhorn have an interesting piece on changes in the global EV market as we enter economically turbulent times: Much of the story focuses on Volkswagen’s plans to launch the ID.3: The Zwickau assembly lines, which produce the soon-to-be released ID.3 electric hatchback, are the centerpiece of a plan by the world’s […]