New FSD Beta 2020.44.15.4 Rolling Out Now

Some new bug fixes for the FSD beta are rolling out now. Old version was 2020.44.15.3 so probably just some minor improvements. Just did a first drive on the latest #Tesla #FSDbeta version 2020.44.15.4 and the car took several turns it was not able to do before. Video soon! — Sofiaan Fraval (@Sofiaan) November 30, […]

FSD Beta 5 Videos

Tesla released a new FSD Beta a few days ago, version 2020.44.15.3. I recorded a few videos using the new software. Each video has a sped up version with music (because watching a drive at 1x is kind of boring), but I also uploaded the raw footage for people who want to look at every […]

FSD Beta Videos on YouTube

We’ve been playing with the Tesla Autopilot “Full Self Driving” beta, and it’s amazing. We’ll have a lot more to say about this update later, but for now we’ve posted a few videos on YouTube showing the software working well and also showing some common reasons for disengagements and interventions. Check out the videos on […]

Autopilot Drive

These are the kind of videos $TSLAQ doesn’t want you to see. A Tesla can help you do most of a drive already, today, as long as a human is supervising it. This video is Twitter sized so if you want to download and post it you can grab a copy of the video at […]