Aaron Greenspan on Why He Decided to Sue Mark Zuckerburg

Aaron Greenspan has filed an illegal SLAPP-suit against Elon Musk and Omar Qazi for bringing attention to allegations of tax fraud, securities fraud, cyberstalking, and criminal harassment by the Think Computer Foundation (doing business as PlainSite). If you can please donate to the Legal GoFundMe or via PayPal to make sure Aaron Jacob Greenspan is finally held accountable for his criminal misconduct.

I was doing some research on Aaron Greenspan yesterday and came across this interesting story where he explains in his own words why he decided to take legal action against Facebook (which he believes he invented and Mark Zuckerburg stole from him). Let me post the story in Aaron’s own words along with my comments.

In the past, Aaron Greenspan has tried to have information about himself that he doesn’t want on the internet taken down via legal threats and illegal DMCA takedown requests. We’re preparing to finally pursue damages and attorney’s fees for Aaron Greenspan’s abuse of the DMCA, as the law provides. As a fair warning to Aaron, make sure you think carefully before making the same mistake again. You can’t hide the truth forever.

Alright, here’s him telling the story about Facebook. After turning down the opportunity to start Facebook with Mark Zuckerburg because he had “too much going on” at the computer repair business he started in high school, Aaron Greenspan ended up calling Mark Zuckerburg years later looking for a job. When Zuckerburg said he wanted to hire an experienced engineer instead of an unemployed loser like Aaron Greenspan, Aaron lost his shit and started trying to plot a way to get back at Zuckerburg:

By December, I figured that I might be able to salvage all of those hours of work if I simply admitted to defeat and got in with Facebook, Inc. on the ground floor. I gave Mark a call in Palo Alto and asked if they were looking for someone for their Vice-President of Engineering position, which was advertised as being open on their web site. “We’re looking for someone with more engineering experience, like, ten to fifteen years” he told me. Knowing what kind of engineering experience Mark had, I bit my tongue, hard. I had one more idea.

Aaron Greenspan

Yes, because you should never hire someone with more experience than yourself, right? But what would Greenspan know about hiring, he’s worked alone his entire life because he’s unable to communicate with or understand people. He torches every opportunity at friendship in front of him, his relationship with Mark Zuckerburg being one example.

“I heard about your lawsuit”, I told him, referring to the suit that had been filed by Divya Narenda and Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, twins who had lived near my friend in Cabot House. I didn’t know any of them, but I knew about their web site, ConnectU. Word had it that they had hired Mark to write the initial site, which they alleged Mark had finished right around the time that we had dinner in the Kirkland dining hall –– only Mark never delivered the product.

“You know, houseSYSTEM came before Facebook and ConnectU, and they both have features that look remarkably similar to mine. I have grounds to sue both of you”, I told him.

Mark remained silent.

Aaron Greenspan

Dude, this is your college classmate. One of the few people who was willing to talk to you. He wanted you to come and join him in building Facebook, but you said no because you had too much pride. Now you threaten to sue him unless he makes you the VP Engineering of Facebook, the hottest company in Silicon Valley at the time? Classy.

“If we teamed up then ConnectU would have no cash; with Facebook owning the rights to houseSYSTEM, ConnectU couldn’t claim that you had copied off of them. It would be the other way around.”

“I’ll have to run it by my legal team”, Mark responded. We chatted for a few more minutes, and I said hello to Sean Parker of Napster fame who Mark had apparently run into on the street. Parker was serving as Facebook’s President.

Aaron Greenspan

He never ran it by his legal team, because even in an alternate universe where it was a good legal strategy, Zuckerburg didn’t want Greenspan anywhere near the company he built. I have no doubt Aaron would have somehow quickly driven the hot startup into bankruptcy.

When I hung up the phone, i felt like I had exhausted my options. If Mark didn’t want to cooperate with me, there was always the possibility that I could sue him myself. I knew something about intellectual property law from my trademark dispute, however, and there was one question that kept running through my mind.

“Maybe I could sue him, but what for?”

“Whether or not a lawsuit was the right choice wasn’t the only question that was looping through my brain on a daily basis. Why couldn’t he have told me that he was going to seek funding? What did he have to lose by offering me a job?”

Aaron Greenspan

Stop asking yourself “what can I sue him for” and start asking yourself how you can turn your life around and start acting like a decent human being. Go build something for yourself for once instead of just trying to steal from others who were successful when you couldn’t be. You are the root of all your own problems and you’ll be in pain until you wake up and realize that.

Just my 2 cents, no offense to anyone involved.

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