Think Computer Foundation Tax Records Reveal Massive Losses

Aaron Greenspan has filed an illegal SLAPP-suit against Elon Musk and Omar Qazi for bringing attention to allegations of tax fraud, securities fraud, cyberstalking, and criminal harassment by the Think Computer Foundation (doing business as PlainSite). If you can please donate to the Legal GoFundMe or via PayPal to make sure Aaron Jacob Greenspan is finally held accountable for his criminal misconduct.

Download the tax records and a copy of this article in case TSLAQ and Aaron Greenspan succeed in having the information taken down again.

On October 12 2019, just 3 days after Aaron Greenspan first threatened to sue Elon Musk and Omar Qazi in anger over the publication of a Bloomberg Businessweek feature, an anonymous writer not affiliated with this blog decided to write about Aaron Greenspan’s relentless harassment of numerous Tesla customers and fans. That story was shared on Medium and a link was posted to the @tesla_truth Twitter account before Aaron Greenspan and TSLAQ were able to have the Medium story and the entire @tesla_truth Twitter account pulled off the internet a few days later to hide the allegations. You can read a cached version of the story on the Victims of Aaron Greenspan Foundation website.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk replied to the tweet, which instantly drew in thousands of views. Aaron Greenspan must have pissed his pants. The whole world was going to know about his fraudulent non-profit and outrageous harassment of everyone from college aged kids, to women, to military active service members.

I hoped that once TSLAQ read about Aaron Greenspan’s insane harassment of Tesla customers, they might stand up and say “hey, we may disagree with them but this is over the line” like they did when I was first doxxed, and when K10 was first doxxed. I know Tesla customers and fans would do the same if a Tesla short-seller was ever facing similar unreasonable harassment.

Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. When TSLAQ read about how Aaron Greenspan’s charity had been harassing Tesla customers, they were thrilled. “Now that is a charitable cause I would love to donate to!”, they must have exclaimed as they ran to get their credit cards. The tax benefits are pretty nice, actually. Not only do Tesla short sellers get to pay Aaron Greenspan to threaten Tesla customers, their “donation” to support this effort is fully tax-deductible. Since the Think Computer Foundation (doing business as PlainSite) is a charity, it doesn’t have to pay any income tax or sales tax either. Pretty shocking, right? I mean the idea of someone getting paid cash for harassing people like this is one thing, but actually getting a charitable tax deduction and tax exemption for doing it is next level fraud. Bravo Greenspan.

Tesla Short Seller Keith Watson (“TeslaCharts” / “TC”) of Practivist Investors admits that Aaron Greenspan’s lawsuit threat against Omar Qazi and Elon Musk prompted him to donate to the Think Computer Foundation
Tesla short sellers Mark Spiegel and Lawrence Fossi also donated to the Think Computer Foundation

Hooray! Wait a minute… oh shit

For a moment, Aaron Greenspan was overjoyed as thousands of dollars poured into his fraudulent charity. Who knew online harassment could be so profitable? Of course, there’s the obvious problem: Tesla short sellers donating to the Think Computer Foundation to fund their anti-Tesla activities, is not a tax-exempt charitable business activity. It’s tax fraud. Remember, charities must be organized only for purposes that serve the public good, not private interests. On top of that, because TSLAQ is conspiring together to orchestrate a massive short-and-distort, it’s really tax fraud in the assistance of securities fraud, cyberstalking, and criminal harassment. But that wasn’t even the biggest, most pressing problem.


Aaron Greenspan must have shit his pants on the spot when he realized it: It turns out the Think Computer Foundation had been operating in California and soliciting donations illegally for fourteen years, since Aaron Greenspan moved to Mountain View in 2006. Presumably, Greenspan failed to register with California because he wanted to avoid disclosing any info about his shady charity. But once Elon replied to the story about his harassment of Tesla customers, he knew he had to run and cover his ass.

Here’s Elon replying to the story on October 12, 2019…
And here’s the Think Computer Foundation’s initial registration form with the state of California received October 18, 2019
Written and signed on October 14, 2019… just two days after the story was published!!!

Notice the text at the top that says “registration is required […] within thirty days after receipt of assets for the charitable purposes for which organized”. Not only did every Tesla short-seller donate during the fourteen years where the charity was operating illegally in California, they all knew they weren’t actually donating to a charity to begin with! In a fraud that’s completely obvious to anyone paying attention, the purpose of these donations is to further efforts to inure private benefit to Aaron Greenspan’s short-selling bets as well as those of his donors and to satisfy their urge for cruelty and revenge. Oops. Greenspan may say that allegations of tax fraud and securities fraud are completely false, but his reactions behind the scene tell a completely different story. He was scared, and running to cover up evidence of what he was doing.

I wonder why he didn’t register the foundation when he registered the Think Computer Corporation in 2006? He hasn’t filed his required statement of information most years (including this year) either.

EVERY year. They even capitalized it on the web interface lol

Finally, we can learn more about the Think Computer Foundation

The Think Computer Foundation is an Ohio charity, but its revenue base is tiny enough that it can avoid reporting almost anything about what the charity does. Now that Greenspan has been forced to finally register in California, we can start to get a peek at some of his public filings related to the charity. Let’s take a look and see if we can start to figure out what’s going on here.

Here’s the original application for tax-exempt status in 2001
And here’s how he described the activities and operations the charity would be engaged in. Does this sound like what PlainSite is known for today? The purpose of the organization has shifted significantly, and illegally.

Here’s an updated description of the primary activities of the organization Aaron Greenspan provided in the California filing. A few interesting things here:

  1. “Making the legal system more transparent by promoting information access to public records”. This is a deceptive spin on what PlainSite is actually doing: digging for public records that will illegally inure private benefit to Aaron Greenspan’s short-selling bets, and assist Greenspan in manipulating the public conversation through blackmail and threats.
  2. Assisting individuals with disabilities. Assisting all individuals with disabilities for the public good, or simply inuring private benefit to primarily your own family in violation of the U.S. tax code?
  3. Aaron Greenspan mentions that he has a California checking account with $5,000 in it, even though the charity had not been registered in California for the last 14 years
  4. He mentions that the charity owns a stock portfolio (?) worth $33,750.
  5. He mentions that assets were first received by the charity on June 26, 2019. That’s four months prior, way over the 30-day requirement for registering a charity after donations are solicited and received.

Even though Greenspan admitted he was 3 months late to register the charity, that was him majorly sugar coating it.

It turns out Aaron Greenspan began soliciting donations for the Think Computer Foundation as early as April 25, 2019. Based on his comment about “more in donations”, that would seem to imply that he had started accepting donations for this cause long before that. Yet on his California charity registration, he wrote that this was a project he started “recently”, with the first donations in June.

Greenspan makes it no secret what the donations are for: “Donate to us, and we’ll be able to pull all the court documents on Tesla for free instead of having to pay like we do now. We’ll pour through everything and try and find allegations we can twist to try and tank Tesla stock”. This is tax fraud and short and distort securities fraud, plain and simple. Black and white. And there’s a long list of other examples where you can see that the Think Computer Foundation is hopelessly entangled with Aaron Greenspan’s Tesla short selling bets, and the anti-Tesla hate group smearing Tesla customers on Twitter that calls themselves “TSLAQ”.

Apparently, this effort may have started as early as 2014.

The GoFundMe that most of the Tesla short sellers used to donate to the foundation was started on May 7, 2019.

Depending on when the charity received its first donations on PayPal, Aaron Jacob Greenspan may well have committed perjury in his hastily filed California initial charity registration. Even if he’s being truthful about when the first “charitable donations” came in, he’s definitely perjured himself in not disclosing the full nature of the organization’s stock market manipulation activities, and his own short selling bets through the Think Computer Corporation, Turing Feynman LLC, and his personal brokerage accounts.

Now let’s forward from October 2019 to April 2020 to get some updated financials…

Financial Update Six Months Later

Let’s take a look at how the financials have changed since the initial filing six months earlier. Cash is at $2,902.15, but there are also $855.56 in accounts payable (bills yet to be paid), so the charity had about $2,000 – $3,000 worth of cash left in its checking account in April 2020. Recall that in the initial registration for California, Aaron Greenspan claimed under the penalty of perjury that his charity had $5,000 in its checking account. That means in just six months they’ve blown more than half their cash balance.

Well, at least the charity had that stock account… right? Wasn’t that like $33,750, under the penalty of perjury? Uh oh. Looks like it’s down to $25,242.75 meaning the charity lost about $8,508 on its investments in under 6 months. That’s an annualized rate of return of negative 44%. Impressive! More than 25% of the original fund destroyed, in only 6 months. Good to know all those donations are being put to good use. To be fair, let’s look at how the S&P 500 performed over the same period…

The S&P 500 was down about 5.6% due to the pandemic in that period. That means that Greenspan was able to eviscerate 5 times more cash than if he had simply put the charity’s money in a Vanguard S&P 500 index fund.

But wait… Aaron Greenspan is a short seller! If the market is down 5%, shouldn’t he be getting rich and making a boatload of money? Oh wait… he shorts some of the greatest companies in the world, like Facebook and Tesla:

Tesla stock’s 190% return in the same period gives us some clue how Greenspan managed to blow 25% of the fund. It’s unclear whether the charity is investing in a Tesla short position directly, or executing the short through Turing Feynman LLC, a Delaware “investment management” company where Aaron Greenspan is listed as the “investment manager”.

If Aaron Greenspan acted emotionally in violation of his fiduciary duties to the charity, this may be a case of a jeopardizing investment: an investment so irresponsible that the IRS views it as jeopardizing the tax-exempt purpose of the company. If Greenspan blew his funds on failing Tesla short-selling bets, that means he violated his fiduciary duty to the charity in a reckless attempt to commit securities fraud.

Negative liabilities?

The most interesting part of the financial disclosure is the liabilities. Aaron Greenspan claims, again under the penalty of perjury, that his charity has negative $235,000 in liabilities. A liability is typically something like a loan that needs to be paid back. So this means the charity basically over paid on some loan or line of credit? I don’t fully understand this, and would really appreciate any insight from people who understand this kind of thing better.

Update: A commenter on Reddit had a few thoughts on this:

I have a hunch that this large negative liability has something to do with Turing Feynman LLC. We know that Turing Feynman is shorting Tesla stock, so perhaps the Think Computer Foundation had given the $250,000 Aaron Greenspan extorted from Mark Zuckerburg to Turing Feynman LLC so the firm could “manage the investment”. Of course, the Think Computer Foundation, Think Computer Corporation, and Turing Feynman LLC are really all just Aaron Jacob Greenspan. Any distinction between these entities is purely imaginary, a contrived organizational structure intended to deceive the public into thinking this is a charitable operation and mask serious fraud.

Extortion of Mark Zuckerburg

We know from the Think Computer Foundation’s 2009 tax records that they received a special $250,000 donation in 2009. I believe that this was the money Aaron Greenspan was able to extort from Mark Zuckerburg and Facebook after his bogus trademark dispute was settled. As noted in this old Facebook press release, Aaron Greenspan’s vengeful and meritless trademark dispute was settled in May 2009.

Imagine being such a bitter loser you waste years going after a college classmate like that

So what happened to the $250,000? In 2009, the Think Computer Foundation claimed to have a fund balance of $252,994.26. Ten years later they reported the fund balance for the end of 2019 at $263,511.23. Without accounting for annual revenue and expenses (which more or less cancel each other out) that means the Foundation saw gains of about $10,000 in 10 years off the $250,000 extorted from Zuckerburg. That’s an annualized return of about 0.41%. A good savings account or CD could do you better than that. So what gives?

Is it possible Turning Feynman LLC is taking a little bit of money off the top for their “investment management” services? That would allow Greenspan to siphon funds out slowly over time as he needs them. Are they handling funds for other Tesla short-sellers, beyond their work with the Think Computer Foundation? Who are their clients? This is getting into speculation, but there’s a lot I want to know about what Turing Feynman LLC is doing, what the Think Computer Foundation is doing, and where Mark Zuckerburg’s $250,000 went. Also isn’t it crazy that the poorest and most hard-working people in America all pay taxes but Aaron Greenspan can twist Mark Zuckerburg’s arm to steal $250,000 from the business and not pay a single cent to support our government? That just seems so selfish and wrong to me, but maybe that’s just because I know what kind of person Aaron Greenspan is deep down inside.

Revenue and Expenses

Think Computer Foundation recorded $8,760.83 of revenue in 2019, and paid out $9,888.27 in expenses resulting in a loss of $1,127.44. What happened to all those donations from short sellers that Aaron Greenspan was bragging about? The reverse psychology drive?

Based on the date of this tweet, that all happened in 2019. But under the penalty of perjury, Aaron Greenspan claimed that cash contributions to the charity were “$0”. Why commit perjury again when there is mountains of evidence, including your own statements, showing that Tesla short sellers donated to the Think Computer Foundation in 2019?

But let’s dig a little deeper into those expenses. What exactly did this wonderful “charity” spend $10,000 on for the 2019 fiscal year?

The biggest expense is attorney fees. $9,067 or 91% of the charity’s expenses went to this single line item. So…. why exactly are everyone’s charitable donations for the year going to an attorney? What attorney is this?

Oh yeah, that attorney! Michael Risher, formerly of the ACLU, who Aaron Greenspan mentioned in his solicitation to Tesla short sellers encouraging them to make a charitable donation to illegally inure private benefit to their Tesla short positions! What Aaron Greenspan has admitted here is that essentially 100% (or more?) of the “charity”‘s revenue goes towards inuring private benefit to Aaron Greenspan’s stock market short selling bets. Pretty shocking, yet also somehow not surprising at all.

Aftermath of these Revelations

I’m working hard on getting the whole Aaron Greenspan harassment story out soon, but I wanted to put out this little part because I’m afraid for my life. Aaron Greenspan has showed time and time again that he is wiling to go way over the line to get revenge against people who speak out about his criminal activity. The smears and threats keep escalating to new heights, and I’m afraid of what Aaron Greenspan will do next.

After the story of Aaron Greenspan’s harassment was first published in October, Tesla short sellers were able to have Medium remove the article. I was smeared as a “serial harasser”, even though I didn’t even write the article.

Then, the @tesla_truth account was suspended from Twitter as well as @OmarQazi to hide any evidence of what happened. There have also been legal threats and copyright takedown notices against other web servers outside Twitter. For some reason, Aaron Greenspan really doesn’t want the truth getting out and he’s willing to break the law and even lie under oath if it will help keep things quiet.

Then there’s all the threats and harassment.

I’ve faced absolutely baseless allegations of pedophilia and child pornography from TSLAQ members based on rumors Aaron Greenspan started. Even ignoring the evidence I have that decisively disproves his absurd allegations that Elon Musk paid me to find child pornography, think about it: Aaron Greenspan has actually gone to the police and tried to have me arrested. He wanted the cops to press criminal charges, but they refused. If he had any actual evidence that I had child pornography, why am I not in jail?

Then there’s the routine death threats and calls to commit suicide from members of TSLAQ.

Rumors that I’m a criminal, hired by Elon Musk to attack TSLAQ. (I’m a customer, not an employee of Tesla).

Lawrence Fossi called me “a malignant criminal psychopath” and “a modern day Hitler”.

Aaron Greenspan has tried to convince people that by discussing his harassment and criminal conduct he’s afraid he or his family or going to get murdered. Of course that’s ridiculous. I don’t want anyone to get hurt, and no Tesla customer is going to hurt them. What Aaron Greenspan is really afraid of is facing justice, which is what I want for him.

There are daily attacks on my personal appearance and race, many from Melayna Lokosky a woman who photoshops her profile picture and is afraid to show her real face due to her insecurities. And Bertel Schmitt, one of the TSLAQ accounts that has relentlessly targetted me is a former Volkswagen advertising executive. I was just watching a Netflix documentary and posted this screenshot on Twitter, and that set Bertel off on a crazy rampage that eventually lead to him working with Aaron Greenspan to have my Twitter account removed.

The most disturbing consequence is the physical threats against me and my family. I don’t understand how people can be so hateful.

Tagged my dad

Look if you want to insult and harass me, insult my appearance, make racist remarks, send me death threats that’s one thing. I can handle it, and have been for years now. But don’t tag my family in harassing messages and send them videos with guns. Stop sending hurtful stuff to my Mom. No parent deserves the mental torture of wondering if there are hateful people out there planning to murder their son by gunfire.

threats against my family and their company
more attacks on my family and their business

Anyway, I could go with horrible examples of this stuff but my point is this: It’s been so confusing and painful to deal with all this ever since Aaron Greenspan doxxed me on my 25th birthday. All of this harassment has been because of him, because he gave people my personal information and incited them to threaten me on his behalf. And for a while I didn’t get it but now I do. Aaron Greenspan is guilty of serious crimes: tax fraud, securities fraud, cyberstalking, criminal harassment and maybe more. I have no idea of the full extent what he’s trying to hide (I never could have guessed why Trevor Milton had to stop Jonny Robb), but I’m scared of the lengths he’ll go to keep me quiet and try and hide what’s going on because he could be facing years of prison if the truth about what happened gets out. I had thought about this before, but it seemed to crazy and conspiracy theory-ish to believe. Now after the whole Trevor Milton and Jonny Robb thing, I’ve realized that people can be really horrible and actually do things like this. People really die over things like this, and have their lives ruined all the time. I don’t know if I’ll make it out of this ordeal in one piece, all because I posted a comment on the internet about my car.

Please donate if you can to my legal defense fund, as Aaron Greenspan is now suing me and Elon Musk for securities fraud. Download this article and the tax documents for yourself in case TSLAQ tries to get it taken down, and share this link with anyone you can. Post it on Twitter since I can’t.

Aaron Greenspan has filed an illegal SLAPP-suit against Elon Musk and Omar Qazi for bringing attention to allegations of tax fraud, securities fraud, cyberstalking, and criminal harassment by the Think Computer Foundation (doing business as PlainSite). If you can please donate to the Legal GoFundMe or via PayPal to make sure Aaron Jacob Greenspan is finally held accountable for his criminal misconduct.

Download the tax records and a copy of this article in case TSLAQ and Aaron Greenspan succeed in having the information taken down again.

Believe it or not this is only a small part of the story. I’m working on finishing up the entire Aaron Greenspan harassment story and will hopefully have it out this week. I hope that once I tell the story things will get better, but based on all the threats I got last time just for sharing a link to someone else’s story I have to accept the fact that my life is in danger. But if that’s how it has to be, so be it. I have to do the right thing and speak up about what I saw, no matter how hard TSLAQ tries to stop me.

“I wanted to see if it’s possible to run a profitable media enterprise based on public information, using short selling to bring in revenue as opposed to advertising”

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      1. Prior to 2018 aaron greenspan charged lawers $99 a month to view all files on how was Aaron Greenspan able to do so without having a license to operate under Think Computer Corporation. Seems very odd joint venture.

  1. Does this mean Aaron Jacob Greenspan sued these businesses without have a business license to operate in California.

    2015-1-SC-059236 Think Computer Corporation vs California Department Of Business Oversight, et al Closed/Inactive Small Claims $0 – $1500 1/30/2015

    2012-2-SC-008692 Think Computer Corporation vs The Brenner Group, Inc Closed/Inactive Small Claims $0 – $1500 3/29/2012

    2009-2-SC-005907 Think Computer Corporation vs Google, Inc.

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