Aaron Greenspan Admits He Lost $60,000 Shorting Tesla through June 2020

Aaron Jacob Greenspan has admitted to shorting Tesla stock from at least three different accounts: his personal account, through the Think Computer Corporation, and through Turing Feynman LLC (which may be managing the funds of Aaron’s charity, the Think Computer Foundation). Through court documents filed by Aaron Greenspan in August, we can now get a peek at his losses shorting Tesla from these three accounts from September 2018 to June 2020 –– just one financial quarter shy of two years of trading activity.

The records reveal that Greenspan lost nearly $60,000 in this period –– and that doesn’t include all the money he’s lost from June to December, a wild time for Tesla stock. In total, Greenspan spent $101,360.06 on Tesla puts, representing a 60% loss of invested capital in just 7 quarters. Impressive!

We now know that Greenspan’s lawsuit against Elon Musk and Omar Qazi was filed just 5 days after Greenspan lost $18,506.67 on Tesla puts, and one month before another $13,507.67 worth of puts expired. This is probably what motivated Greenspan to act irrationally and put himself at legal risk: Imagine you just lost $19,000 with another $14,000 flying out the window fast. You’d be pretty desperate too, right?

Please take a look at these dates and see if you can correlate them with any other suspicious activity or conduct by Greenspan and his TSLAQ associates at the same time.

Also… I wonder how much money Greenspan has lost since June? 😬

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