“No Rushing While Brushing” Books Make a Great Holiday Gift or Stocking Stuffer for Kids

As we enter the holiday season, I wanted to recommend a great series of children’s books: No Rushing While Brushing. These books were written by my aunt, Dr. Humairah Shah, a professional dentist, and recently won 2022 Children’s Book of the Year, as you can see on the cover. They’re great for teaching young kids the importance of brushing their teeth, and helping them get comfortable with visiting the dentist regularly. These books make for a great gift for any young kids in your family, so order now to get your physical or digital copy in time.

The No Rushing While Brushing Special Edition includes three books, all rolled into one. You can also purchase these books separately, but the special edition includes all of them:

  1. Sam and the Sugar Bug: This engaging tale introduces children to the importance of brushing to ward off cavity-causing sugar bugs, making dental hygiene a fun and exciting adventure
  2. Leila Visits the Dentist: Leila has her first visit to the dentist’s office, helping kids prepare and get more comfortable with visiting the dentist for the first time
  3. Eli and the Tooth Fairy: Eli loses his first teeth and goes on an adventure with the Tooth Fairy after an evil skunk steals his teeth. The book encourages kids to keep a healthy diet

These are really fun books that are beautifully illustrated. What better way to spend some quality time with the kids in your life than grabbing a copy and reading it to them this month? Go order a copy off Amazon now — it only takes a second.

I remember helping my aunt put these books together when I was younger. I even served as the first narrator for the eBook, which debuted as an iPad app before Apple Books came onto the scene.

In a unique turn of events, these books gained such popularity that pirated copies from China appeared online! Not only were all the text and images identical to what my aunt had prepared, they had even stolen my narration. Dr. Shah had to secure a copyright to have Apple remove these knock-off copies, highlighting the books’ widespread appeal and the need to protect creative work. One piece of paper was the difference between a Chinese knock off copy of the book remaining online and having it taken down by Apple, so creative people — make sure to get your work copyrighted!

These books are more than just stories; they are an invitation for children to learn about dental health in a joyful and captivating way. This Christmas, consider these books as the perfect stocking stuffer or gift, offering both fun and educational value.

Thank you so much to my favorite aunt Dr. Humairah Shah for sponsoring Whole Mars this week! Please make her proud by buying tons of copies of her book. I promise the kids in your family will love it.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and happy holidays to all!

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