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These days it seems like everyone is talking about The EV Universe. Every week people are messaging me about stories they saw in Jaan’s regular newsletter, and the number of subscribers keeps hitting new all time highs every week. This should be no surprise — The EV Universe is, in my opinion, the best EV newsletter out there bar none. I’ve got the premium subscription, and it’s my favorite thing to read to catch up on everything that’s going on in one simple email.

Jaan, who writes the newsletter, has been a good friend for years, and he’s great at cutting through the bullshit and getting straight to the facts. In a space like EVs where there is a lot of bullshit, he’s the kind of guy you want to get your news from.

Reading last night’s issue, I found myself nodding in agreement with his takes on Hertz then rolling on the floor laughing at legacy auto’s spinning charge port doors. Seriously, if you haven’t subscribed yet go do it now.

Thanks so much to Jaan and the EV Universe for supporting Whole Mars and other in the Tesla community once again this week. I love this guy ❤️

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