To The Short Sellers Who Support Aaron Greenspan

This message is to the hundreds of Tesla short-sellers who support Aaron Greenspan and have often joined him in his harassment campaign against myself and other Tesla customers.

Look, I get it. Aaron is an important part of your anti-Tesla campaign. It is rare to find someone so deceptive with no job and no life who can dedicate all their time to smearing Tesla, to the benefit of your short position. I understand why you support him. As for journalists, who doesn’t love a free story? What’s the big deal if it helps his stock market bets, it’s a real public record right? Just be careful not to get caught up with something more pernicious and sinister than meets the eye.

You don’t know the real Aaron Greenspan like I do. This is a guy I’ve never met before, who has been in a blind fit of uncontrolled rage for the last 879 days, since he doxxed me on my 25th birthday. Why? All because I said he didn’t invent Facebook. Since then he’s launched an insane smear campaign, falsely claiming that I’m paid by Elon Musk, accusing me of being a child rapist and filing false police reports the day after Bloomberg published an interview with me, just out of sheer jealousy.

He can’t control himself when he gets angry, and he’s angry often because of all the failures in his life and career. Even after a court order to stop harassing me, he continues to tweet smears about me regularly from his “charity” Twitter account. If that wasn’t crazy enough, I’ve spoken to over a dozen people who have had similar experiences with him but are afraid to speak out publicly. What he’s doing is criminal, deranged, and insane and I strongly urge you to do your own research and make sure you understand what’s really going on before you join him. What does harassing random people online have to do with your Tesla short thesis?

I have to speak out about what he’s doing, because he won’t stop. I have to go to the police and present them with all the evidence I have. I have to talk to regulators. This doesn’t have to be about you. It’s about Aaron’s fraudulent charity Think Computer Foundation, and everything he’s done to try and keep what I know about his criminal activity from the public eye. You and I may not agree on Tesla, but we can still treat each other like human beings. Do not let Aaron Greenspan destroy your life the way he destroyed his own.

Aaron Greenspan will spread lies about people to try and get others to threaten them on his behalf that way he can keep his hands clean. Think for yourself. Do not let him use you like a pawn. The perpetrators of this insane online harassment campaign will be held accountable, one way or another. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to be a part of it anymore.

This goes both ways. If bears can agree Tesla customers are human beings and don’t deserve to be doxxed and targeted, we will always stand up against out of control behavior on the bull side as well.

As short sellers, your business is based on the idea that people should be free to speak their bear case against a company even one that people love. I may not agree with you on Tesla, but I respect your right to make your best bear case. I have to present my bear case on Aaron and his fraudulent charity. Aaron has hurt me in a very persistent and personal way for years now. I can’t let him hurt anyone else. You hate liars and frauds? Aaron Greenspan is the biggest liar and the most ostentatious fraud I could have ever imagined. You may not agree with me on that and may even like Aaron based the side of him you’ve seen, but please respect my right to present my personal experiences on an issue that has affected my life greatly: my cyberstalker, Aaron Jacob Greenspan and the fraudulent charity he runs with Neil Greenspan and Judith Greenspan.

10 thoughts on “To The Short Sellers Who Support Aaron Greenspan

  1. Shut up you dumbass. You’re clearly losing it. You’ve provided no proof for your claims. You’re just a idiot who’s deluded himself into believing he’s right. Please go to a therapist and sort out your mental issues.

  2. AND, so it comes to pass, the proof that Aaron has a fool for a client AND a fool for counsel.
    But the rest of humanity already knew that, excepting his closest family (although they too must have suspected!)

    We continue to wait with (moderately) bated breath for the inevitable conclusion.

  3. Imagine the other fool by the name of Neil S. Greenspan is a doctor and professor at case western reserve university. Neil Greenspan and Judi Keene Greenspsn are board members of the fraud charity that has helped zero children. This parents refuse treatment for both of their autistic children.

  4. We will never see that chapter 8 that you promised for the “coming Monday” half a year ago, are we.

  5. Quoting from twitter just now:

    Whole Mars Catalog @WholeMarsBlog · 15m
    If Greenspan files a fifth revision of his lawsuit on Friday, Chapter 8 will be published continuing the story.

    Greenspan will do anything to hide evidence of his crimes. We can stop him together but he won’t go down without a fight

    Thank you to everyone who helped. Be careful

    Been watching this horror show for far too long now, but it would be a kind of release to read Chapter 8 even if it means more legal rigmarole. Perhaps that is what will break the camel’s back so to speak (no disrespect intended for the Judge 🙂 ) and finally kick Aaron out of court so he can face the countersuits that will ruin the Greenspan clan? They all need serious and comprehensive readjustment, imo.

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