How Aaron Greenspan’s Charity PlainSite Silences Critics by Cyberstalking

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My name is Omar Qazi, and I’m writing this because I need help. For the last two years a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity I tweeted about has been trying to ruin my life –– yes really, a charity –– and I don’t know how to make it stop.

I’ve tried to ignore it as best I can since this charity doxxed me on my 25th birthday, but the attacks, retaliation, false accusations, and threats just keep escalating. Now, PlainSite founder Aaron Jacob Greenspan is suing me and Elon Musk for “securities fraud”, claiming that Elon paid me to make fun of him as part of some massive conspiracy. I know, it sounds ridiculous to me too.

Yup, I can’t believe this is real either.

I’ve never met Aaron Greenspan –– his obsession with me has been entirely over some tweets. It all started with a simple internet comment: PlainSite founder Aaron Jacob Greenspan claimed that he had invented Facebook, and I tweeted doubting whether that was true.

I didn’t think much of the comment but Aaron took it very personally. It really wasn’t: Six weeks earlier, I had started investigating the use of social media by short sellers to push misinformation, and PlainSite caught my eye because they were in the news as a non-profit organization, but also clearly trying to make money short-selling in the stock market and publishing negative research reports. Twitter commenters who replied to my tweets about PlainSite also mentioned that Aaron Greenspan was in court that week dealing with a restraining order.

The book cover of Aaron Jacob Greenspan’s autobiography, “Authoritas

That’s when the harassment and threats from Aaron Greenspan started. He sent me a direct message on Twitter, threatening to doxx me and sue me unless I deleted any tweets that mentioned him.

By sending me a trick screenshot link, he was able to correlate my Twitter account against his server logs to determine the real name behind my Twitter handle. When I refused to bow to his threats he published my name, workplace, address, and other personal information on his charity’s Twitter page in a retaliatory doxxing. The next day he called my employer to try and have me fired, and attempted to contact my Dad. He dug for personal information he could use shame, degrade and blackmail me with, creating a page on his charity’s website dedicated to me where he could publish anything he found.

I was dumbfounded. What kind of charity would attack me like this? That turned out to be a dangerous question. Based on comments from dozens of frightened Twitter users as well as my own cursory Googling, it seemed like the Think Computer Foundation was a thinly veiled blatant fraud.

As I discovered and tweeted evidence of wrongdoing, criminal activity, and outright fraud by the Think Computer Foundation, Greenspan did everything he could to try and keep me quiet. He called my parents, threatened my employer, and helped file false government documents under my name. He harassed me routinely with false accusations ranging from running a red light to illegally selling securities to strangers online. But when respected journalists started speaking to me, Greenspan got very nervous about what I might say about him and ratcheted up the attacks to a whole new level. He decided he would have to completely destroy my credibility if he was going to survive.

The day Zach Mider (a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist from Bloomberg) came to interview me about my experiences with Tesla Autopilot, Aaron Greenspan emailed the entire Tesla board of directors, Bloomberg, and most other major media outlets covering Tesla a ridiculous conspiracy theory alleging that I was not a real Tesla customer, and was instead paid by Elon Musk as part of some sort of PR scheme. He told the media and the Tesla board that I was a pedophile in possession of child pornography, and that Elon Musk had paid me to threaten him –– all completely ridiculous and provably false allegations designed to discredit me as a source. He also repeated this conspiracy theory in a thread on his charity’s Twitter account as well as in a short-selling report he wrote on Tesla, and a publicly published letter to California Senator Scott Wiener.

When Bloomberg decided to ignore Greenspan’s email and include me in their feature on Autopilot anyway, Greenspan was enraged. The same day the feature was published in Bloomberg Businessweek, Aaron Greenspan emailed Elon Musk and I threatening a lawsuit unless I deleted my Twitter account and admitted that Elon was paying me (he wasn’t). He wrote another long Twitter thread, accusing me again of being secretly paid by Tesla and working with a SpaceX employee named “Jim” to run my Twitter account in supposed violation of Elon Musk’s agreement with the SEC, and even tagged the SEC for good measure.

The morning after the feature was published Aaron Greenspan walked into the San Francisco Police Department Richmond station and filed a false police report under dishonest pretenses against me and Elon Musk, claiming without any evidence that Elon had paid me to make fun of him. He asked the police to file criminal charges against both of us, just to try and intimidate me into silence. (They did not).

October 9, 2019 –– Bloomberg publishes Autopilot feature including Omar Qazi
October 9, 2019 –– Aaron Jacob Greenspan threatens to sue Elon Musk and Omar Qazi on the day the Bloomberg feature is published
October 9, 2019 –– Elon Musk and Omar Qazi respond to lawsuit threat
October 10, 2019 –– Aaron Jacob Greenspan files false police report in retaliation against Elon Musk and Omar Qazi

Leveraging that police report and other complaints Greenspan was able to have my Twitter account and other news articles he wanted to hide about his charity’s online harassment and criminal misconduct pulled off the internet through frivolous DMCA takedown notices and other legal threats.

When I finally started to tell a little bit of the story of Aaron Greenspan’s harassment in a blog post in May, Greenspan filed a lawsuit against me, Elon Musk, and Tesla for securities fraud and a variety of other claims just three days after the blog post was published.

The lawsuit has absolutely no merit, but Greenspan just wants to harass me in retaliation for the blog post and force me to rack up tens of thousands of dollars in legal bills responding to his barrage of absurd court filings, which happens to be illegal under California’s anti-SLAPP law. His plan is to bankrupt me through legal costs so I stay quiet about what I know.

I’m writing this because I need help. I just want to get back to my life and move on from this but I don’t know how to make my cyberstalker, Aaron Jacob Greenspan, leave me alone and go away.

Today, it’s time for me to finally tell a crazy story –– one that I should have told a long time ago. I haven’t told it yet because it’s intensely personal, because it’s a long and complicated story, and because I’ve been blackmailed and threatened every time I’ve tried to speak out. Unfortunately, now I have no choice.

Whether you support me or hate me, please take the time to read this story with an open mind. This is me opening up about an experience that’s been very painful for me and weighed heavily on my life. If you’re one of the people who has been anonymously harassing me online, don’t you want to make sure you understand what really happened before you continue?

The story of Aaron Greenspan has remained untold, because he and his 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, the “Think Computer Foundation” will threaten, harass, and retaliate against anyone who speaks up about them, going far beyond what any casual critic could anticipate or bear. I’m telling this story now at great personal risk and even greater personal discomfort because someone has to speak up before Aaron and his charity hurt anyone else, no matter how hard he tries to keep all of this quiet.

This is the crazy story of my battle with Tesla short-sellers, who waged a brutal and illegal “short and distort” social media disinformation campaign against Tesla culminating in the last few years. It’s the story of how I met Elon Musk, and how a group of random people online forced Trevor Milton (the founder of Nikola Motor Company) to resign. It’s a story about love and loss, blinding hate and irrationality, and the dirty behind the scenes details of how the world went electric. But mostly, it’s a story about what Aaron Greenspan has been fighting so hard to hide.

Hanging out with Viv, Elon Musk, Gali, Sofiaan, Vincent, K10, Me, and Kimbal Musk January 2020
Hanging out with Nikola Founder Trevor Milton at Nikola HQ in Arizona

Social media is still relatively new, and we as a society are still grappling with how to deal with it. There are a million other stories just like mine –– some who got off easier, and some who had it much worse. But this story is about me.

My attackers have tried to smear me by telling the world a story about who I am before I ever got a chance to do so myself. It’s hard to figure out how to set the record straight without practically writing out my whole life story. I’ll try and keep it short so we can get back to Greenspan, but some context is important to really understand what Aaron did.

This is the introduction to a series of blog posts where I’ll tell my story.

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Aaron Greenspan has filed an illegal SLAPP-suit against Elon Musk and Omar Qazi for bringing attention to allegations of tax fraud, securities fraud, cyberstalking, and criminal harassment by the Think Computer Foundation (doing business as PlainSite). If you can please donate to the Legal GoFundMe or via PayPal to make sure Aaron Jacob Greenspan is finally held accountable for his harassment of so many Tesla customers

How Aaron Greenspan’s Charity PlainSite Silences Critics by Cyberstalking from r/teslamotors

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  1. Think Computer Foundation sounds like a joke.

    Our programs
    SOURCE: IRS Form 990
    What are the organization’s current programs, how do they measure success, and who do the programs serve?

    Program 1
    Think Computer Foundation purchased copies of the film “Ben X,” concerning an indivildual with autism, in bulk on DVD. It listed copies of the film for sale on the Amazon Marketplace at prices below the suggested retail price, effectively subsidizing distribution of the film due to its educational content.


    Program 2
    Think Computer Foundation sponsored a number of free events for individuals with disabilties and their families in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Events included but were not limited to outings to baseball and basketball games, movies, and holiday parties. The Foundation secured complimentary tickets as needed.


    Program 3
    Think Computer Foundation maintains an electronic mailing list for individuals with disabilties, their families and their support providers. The mailing list facilitates communication and notifies people about Foundation-sponsored events.


  2. I am m glad that you shared your experience. Prople should know what horrible extortionists are doing and no one seems to be stopping them. I have been cyberstalked by Scott Breitenstein and the others in this extortion crew.from Dayton OH. They will post anything no matter how false and sick the lies are that they have posted. It shows how twisted their minds are to actually write such sick perverted lies about innocent people they target. All of these scammers should be jailed for life.

  3. Aaron Greenspan needs to delete every court record he has listed on his site. is an illegal website and it’d against the law to sell the data court records or profit from it.

    “the user receiving the exemption must agree to not sell the data obtained as a result and must not transfer any data obtained as the result of a fee exemption, unless expressly authorized by the court”

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