Aaron Greenspan Financial Damage Update

As many of you know, a deranged 40 year old balding stalker named Aaron Jacob Greenspan has been threatening and harassing me for the last 2 years and 7 months, since he doxxed me on my 25th birthday. This is a dangerous and delusional man who actually believes he invented Facebook. (Yes, seriously)

For the last 14 months Greenspan has been focusing his life on an illegal SLAPP-suit against myself and Elon Musk (yes, the reusable rocket and electric car dude), designed to maximize financial damage so that we’re forced to stay silent about his fraudulent charity and other criminal dealings. After we began to document our allegations against his fraudulent charity Think Computer Foundation (doing business as PlainSite), Greenspan dissolved the organization in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit against the “charity” and its grossly negligent board of directors for their years long smear campaign against Tesla and its customers, including and especially myself. There was nothing charitable about this, and short sellers donated to the organization and took a tax deduction for it to reward Aaron Greenspan for his smear campaigns against Tesla and its customers.

I wanted to give everyone an update on how things are going financially. We’ve now received $109,111.93 in donations. No words I could come up with could ever do justice to how insane that is, and how thankful I am. You saved me from my stalker destroying my life out of sheer spite and jealously, and having to surrender to his vicious lies. For that I can never thank you enough and will always owe you all big time. I’m forever in your service. I’m especially touched by a few people who have donated $10,000 or $15,000, sometimes multiple times. It truly melts my heart that someone could do something so selfless for someone else with their hard earned money, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure Greenspan ends up paying for all the damage he’s done, because nobody else should have to but him.

Unfortunately, the legal bills so far have added up to about $138,057.65… a Model S Plaid. That means about $30,970.69 in unpaid bills remain for the defense.

Because of the outpouring of support, and because of an anonymous donor who has promised to contribute a large amount on the condition that it be used only to fund a counter suit against Think Computer Foundation, we finally have a chance to fight back. Greenspan is happy to waste his time dragging this on forever because he has no life and it makes him happy to try and exact revenge to fill the void of anger in his dark heart. But if we sue his charity and corporation, he will have to hire counsel to defend himself as he cannot represent himself. If you’d like to chip in to help fund this, you can do so using the links below. I don’t want to push, because you guys have already given so much. Take care of yourself first. But if you want to be a part of helping bring Aaron Greenspan to justice, chip in. I know I would, just to be a part of making it happen. Please also share this information on Twitter so everyone who wants to can be a part of this. We got through this crazy journey together, and it means a lot to we’re going to expose TSLAQ for what it really was together too.

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Here’s a detailed financial breakdown for anyone who is interested. I’m sharing this in the interest of transparency, so you as donors know what’s going on with your donation, how much it means to me, and what a huge difference it makes in letting me life a normal life without worrying about this crazy 40 year old virgin stalker who has been after me for the last three years.

I love you all a lot. Thank you. You’re the smartest and most incredible group of people I could have ever asked to experience this historical transition to EVs and autonomy with.

P.S. Sorry for the delay in getting Chapter 8 out. It’s a hard one to tell. If Greenspan revises his lawsuit for the fifth time by the deadline this Friday, then we’ll take the time to get it out.

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  1. His boyfriend Dr Eric Teasley started Plainsite.org at Stanford to stalk people. I think they went their separate ways. Dr Eric Teasley works for Google now.



    Dr. Eric Teasley MD

    Technical Program Manager

    Dr. Eric Teasley is a technical program manager who plays roles on the mobile vitals and health equity teams at Google Health. Eric developed the mobile vitals team’s first platform for collecting synchronized video and ground truth vital sign data and conducted the pilot study behind the team’s technologies for measuring heart rate and breathing rate via smartphone camera as features of the Google Fit app. His experience in ensuring that these technologies were developed with diversity in mind led to a role in developing processes for ensuring equity in research across Google Health. Prior to Google, Eric completed an MD and an MS in bioengineering at Stanford, where he used microfluidics to enable novel methods of growth factor delivery for tissue engineering applications and created tools for capturing and observing individual cells. He additionally holds a BS in chemical engineering from Stanford

  2. Eric Steven Teasley works for Google and therefore is able to get URL’s deleted for his partner Aaron Greenspan. Google should terminate the employment of this cyber criminal Eric Teasley, as he is not who Google thinks he is. Eric Teasley is responsible with Aaron Greenspan for cyberstalking, doxxing, harassing, hacking and threatening thousands of victims, just so they can make money with plainsite.org. Both Eric Teasley and Aaron Greenpan have and still are destroying thousand of people’s lives with plainsite.org and are destroying companies as well, just so they can live it up.

  3. Eric Teasley aka Eric St.even Teasley is employed at Google and some have said that is how is partner Aaron Greenspan is able to cyberstalk, dox, harass and terrorize his many victims, because Eric Teasley is somehow getting URL’s removed that affect the truth about his criminal online acts and his privacy. But the privacy and reputation of thousands of people does not matter to these cyber criminals Aaron Greenspan and Eric S Teasley. The public can check out what Eric Teasley does at Google on the following link. Google should terminate Eric Teasley’s emplloyment for destroying thousands of people’s lives with plainsite.org
    Check out the following link to see where this cyber criminal Eric Teasley is employed at Google.
    Unbelievable! Google doesn’t realize that they hired a cyber criminal

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