Aaron Greenspan SLAPP-suit Financial Update

To all the people who’ve helped me deal with my deranged stalker Aaron Jacob Greenspan over the past two years, thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Really, it’s impossible to write words that do justice to how humbled, thankful, and grateful I am for every single one of you. I’m truly in awe. When Aaron Greenspan showed me the worst side of humanity, you all showed me the best. You have no idea what a huge difference you made in my life by defending me against his attempts to hurt me.

After doxxing, stalking, threatening, blackmailing, smearing, and trying to humiliate me, Aaron Greenspan has now been hell-bent on trying to hurt me financially. If that doesn’t keep me quiet about the massive fraud he’s orchestrated, his associates have promised to harm me and other Tesla customers physically. He will do anything to keep the truth about his fraudulent short-selling charity quiet.

Because several donors have asked how things are going recently, I wanted to post a financial update for the first time to give people a better sense of what Aaron Greenspan is doing and how he continues to harass me, years after he doxxed me on my 25th birthday. Keep in mind, this is a rapidly balding single 40-year-old man.

Total Legal Bills: $113,372.30

In total, responding to all of Aaron Greenspan’s absurd and illegal court filings has cost $113,372.30 over a span of seven months. Needless to say, this is far in excess of what I make in a whole year. Greenspan’s goal is to use his illegal SLAPP-suit to inflict as much financial burden as possible so that I can’t afford to defend myself against his ridiculous accusations. For example, Aaron Greenspan claims that I am not a real Tesla customer and was instead paid by Elon Musk to talk about the company as part of some massive conspiracy. You can’t make this shit up. Since Greenspan doesn’t have a lawyer and is just writing all the court filings himself, he has nothing to lose but his own time (which is worthless anyway, since he has no friends, job, or life).

The good news is that if the judge rules that Aaron Greenspan filed the lawsuit just to try and keep me quiet about protected speech on a public issue like EVs, Tesla stock, and Aaron Greenspan’s fraudulent charity PlainSite, the court will order Greenspan to pay the whole thing. Greenspan has tried to delay that ruling as much as possible by re-writing the lawsuit again, and again, and again. He’s now rewritten his complaint four times, and we’ve filed an anti-SLAPP motion four times. Now we have to wait for him to respond to our motion, and then we respond to his response, and then the judge will decide.

It’s not a sure thing, but I think what Elon said is right: Judges are smart. l’m hopeful the court will see that this nonsensical lawsuit against me and Elon Musk is nothing more than a continuation of Aaron Greenspan’s years-long harassment campaign against myself and numerous other Tesla customers. I’m confident that we have the evidence to prove it. The truth is on our side.

Here is the breakdown of bills by month:

August 2020: $21,318.45

September 2020: $18,362.98

October 2020: $19,847.99

November 2020: $17,288.33

December 2020: $9,228.88

January 2021: $1,714.49

February 2021: $7,866.75

March 2021: $17,744.43

Try and imagine what it feels like to get a $20,000 bill every month in your twenties because a 40 year old balding Tesla short seller is trying to smear you with a bunch of absurd lies designed to damage your credibility. If not for all the help from random people online, I would have been fucked. I’ve never met Aaron Greenspan before in my life, he’s just some random stranger stalking me online. How sick do you have to be to want to hurt someone just so your fraud and criminal activity isn’t discovered for a little while longer? Just because someone said you didn’t invent Facebook? And more importantly, what else is he willing to do to hide evidence of his crimes? How far will he go, and do I know for sure he won’t resort to physical violence?

Total Donations: $71,951.61

I seriously cannot believe it when I see this number. It is just unbelievable. I’m tearing up a little just thinking about it.

Thank you guys so much. You saved my life. You saved me from having to worry about this criminal trying to bankrupt me, and you helped me through a really hard time in my life. You don’t know what it’s like to have some creepy 40-year-old stalker following your every move, trying to do anything he can to hurt you to hide evidence of his criminal activity. You don’t know what it feels like to have to think about being constantly watched and followed by a psychopath and know you’re not being paranoid, but just being realistic.

It also makes me extremely sad to think about all the good things that could have been done with this money. It is truly a travesty and highlights the depths of Aaron Greenspan’s depravity. I hope that once the court orders Aaron Greenspan to pay all the legal fees plus damages, we can use it as an opportunity to do the right thing. Do something good.

Unpaid Bills: $41,420.69

Even despite the massive help from all the beautiful people of the internet, this is still going to be a massive hit that I may have to pay off myself. I can’t complain though, after receiving nearly $72,000 in donations. All of Aaron Greenspan’s other victims had it much worse.

(Yes I paid a little bit to get this to a more meme-worthy amount, taking a page out of Tesla’s marketing book).

My Promise to You

If you donated or supported in any way, please let me know so that I can thank you. I will try and remember all of your names forever. If you need a favor, advice, or anything just ask.

My promise to you is that I will get the truth out about what happened. I will get the truth out about Aaron Greenspan’s fraudulent charity, and the “short and distort” securities fraud orchestrated by the short-sellers who call themselves “TSLAQ” in Tesla’s most vulnerable moments.

I will get the truth out about how short sellers like Aaron Greenspan worked closely with legacy auto executives to harass Tesla customers. I will get the truth out about how Greenspan and his fraudulent charity manipulated and deceived mainstream media journalists. I’ll tell the story of how he gave Martin Tripp a list of doxxed Tesla customers and told him to go after them. And I’ll show the world how Keith Watson, Lawrence Fossi, and so many others spent their days harassing kids half their age online, despite the fact that they’re both fathers. And besides that, I’ll try my best to always bring you guys content that makes you smile.

Time has passed and I’m over it. Sometimes you have to forgive people even before they’ve apologized because you can’t carry that negativity with you in your heart. But the world needs to know the truth about what happened, and so do the SEC, FBI, IRS, and other law enforcement agencies.

I’m sorry that I stopped halfway through telling the Aaron Greenspan story, but I had to take a breath, live my life and not let this crazy stalker consume me. I’m working on getting Chapter 8 out soon, but this is the hardest part to tell. It’s the climax of the story. And it has a lot of shocking information about what Aaron Greenspan has been doing tthat I’ve never spoken about publicly, even after all these years. It’s weird. You block a lot of this stuff out and then revisiting it to write about it…. looking back at all the evidence… it’s really hard and painful and not what you want in your life. That’s Greenspan’s biggest advantage: He has no life, no friends, and no real job so he can spend all day stalking and harassing me beyond what any normal person would be capable of. I think people will be shocked when they learn about the true extent of what’s really going on, and Greenspan will do anything he can to make sure I don’t get to tell that story.

After I’ve finished writing it out, I’ll write shorter summaries and make YouTube videos since the way I wrote it out is really long and drawn out and hard to read. I didn’t know how to explain such a bizarre and crazy story so I had to just get it all out before I could try and compress it down to something more to the point.

What can I do to help?

If you’ve provided moral support, made me laugh, or anything like that you’ve already helped way more than you know. If you’ve donated or supported financially in some way, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

The other major thing is to spread the word! Share the Aaron Greenspan story and the new chapters that are posted. Tell jokes and make comments. Greenspan can only get away with this while his behavior remains in the shadows. If the truth gets out, it’s over. He’s filed false police reports and committed numerous other crimes that could very well land him in prison. Most people are afraid to say anything, because they don’t want to be targeted by Greenspan and TSLAQ themselves. I can’t blame anyone for that, but it does make me appreciate the people who are willing to speak up that much more. He can’t stop all of us. Thank you so much to the people who have spoken up to get this story out in the face of threats from these criminals. Your speaking out means as much to me as anyone who helped out financially.

Speaking of donations, I hate to have to always beg for money, especially when so many people have already given so much, but I just need to be able to defend myself long enough to make it to the end. Once it’s over, I feel very hopeful that the court will award not only legal fees but ultimately damages as well. We have the truth on our side.

If anyone has any advice on not just this case, but how to handle this situation in general that would be really appreciated as well. If you have any friends or family in law enforcement, that could be helpful too. Greenspan thinks he can pick on me because I’m so much younger than him that he won’t have to face the consequences. He’s wrong. He picked the wrong victim this time, and I’ll make sure I’m his last.

Anyone reporting the truth about what’s happening with EVs and Tesla gets attacked mercilessly by Tesla short-sellers, in what I consider clear stock manipulation and securities fraud. Because social media is so new, this kind of securities fraud and stock manipulation through online harassment is novel and unprecedented. Nevertheless, the new administration seems very receptive to understanding what is happening here. Everyone from Dan Neil, to Lex Fridman, to Tesla customers have said they were threatened for speaking out about basic truths, and many have quit talking about EVs and Tesla completely to protect their family. I can’t blame them. Trying to report on the EV space, and Tesla in particular, is horrible. But you guys have made it so much fun it’s all completely worth it.

We are just getting started on this transition, and the best is yet to come.

Various donation links are below. Thank you so much. I love you all more than I can put into words.

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9 thoughts on “Aaron Greenspan SLAPP-suit Financial Update

  1. OK, donated again. Let’s not let it become a habit!

    Rumor has it that Aaron also invented Twitter, or at least hacked it recently … :/

  2. Hahaha you are such a loser. I hope you get bankrupted – Payback is a bitch. We know what you’ve been doing and the truth will come out eventually.

  3. Aaron Greenspan is a malicious hacker. He has hacked in to the Concord, NH government database, California courts databases and their government databases, Florida government and court databases and other States’ government and court databases. Aaron Greenspan also hacks in to lots of websites, when he sees something truthful written about him, that he wants to have taken down. He hacked in to lots of Twitter followers accounts of The Free Law Project.

    We have a lot more evidence but it is being kept under wraps until law enforcement takes action against Aaron Greenspan
    He is a sneaky and sophisticated malicious hacker and will be caught by law enforcement soon.
    Have no doubt the person trying to maliciously hack in to https://wholemars.net/ is the one and only Aaron Greenspan.

    Expanded: 2604:a880:0800:00c1:0000:0000:018a:5001
    Hostname: 2604:a880:800:c1::18a:5001
    ASN: 14061
    ISP: Digital Ocean
    Organization: Digital Ocean
    Services: None detected
    Type: Corporate
    Assignment: Likely Static IP
    Continent: North America
    Country: United States
    State/Region: New Jersey
    City: Clifton

    The public needs to be very cautious and do not click on plainsite.org, as Aaron Greenspan is keeping detailed records and doing lots of IP address harvesting to be able at any given time to harass, stalk and track his victims and there are many. Nobody should ever click on plainsite.org and never sign up or email anything to plainsite.org, as all of your personal information will be at risk and in the hands of a cyberstalker, hacker and serial harasser, who at any given moment could use your personal information to try and extort and harass his victims to try and get them to do what he wants.

    The public needs to completely cut off all communications with Aaron Greenspan, this is only way to stay safe and to avoid any harm from Aaron Greenspan.
    Plainsite.org needs to be shut down!

    Important: Do not follow @aarongreenspan or @plainsite, as once again your personal information is at great risk and this Aaron Greenspan is able to hack in to Twitter accounts and other Social media accounts. Caution: Before answering a strange Twitter account, first thoroughly check it out in detail. Aaron Greenspan has sets up and uses many fake Twitter accounts to snoop around on his victims. So, just make sure and check out the Twitter account, as to the date it was created, from who and where it may be coming from, as Aaron Greenspan is good at pretending to be friendly, just to snoop on his victims and to try and get more personal information.
    Aaron Greenspan is a highly dangerous individual!

  4. We are all Omar!
    Aaron Greenspan is a criminal cyberstalker, serial harasser, and does lots of doxxing to his victims.
    Aaron Greenspan has ruined so many people’s lives using his weapon of choice plainsite.org.

  5. A Judge should order plainsite.org shut down, as it is being used as a weapon for cyber stalking, harassment and doxxing purposes.

    Aaron Greenspan selectively leaves out court documents, that harm his reputation. To do serious reputation harm to other people and companies, that he targets, he creates his own lying narratives, mixed with selective legal documents to create a fictitious story, based on his delusions.

    A mentally individual, such as Aaron Greenspan should not be allowed to go near anyone’s legal documents and definitely no personal information, as he is quite destructive, behind his keyboard.

    Wouldn’t it be useful if a Judge ordered Aaron Greenspan in to a mental health care facility for a full mental health exam and have all his social media accounts, including plainsite.org shut down? Imagine the peace this would bring to society?

  6. Don’t forget that Aaron Jacob Greenspan has a Trust Fund. That is why he thinks he can do whatever he wants, as he has this Trust Fund to fall back on. Judge will have to place an pre-embargo on their Trust Fund and all assets, in order insure that all monies are paid.

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