Read Aaron Greenspan’s Latest Moronic Court Filing

Yesterday Aaron Greenspan filed yet another moronic court filing.

You can read it here.

10 thoughts on “Read Aaron Greenspan’s Latest Moronic Court Filing

  1. OMG what a joker.
    If this isn’t wasting courts time I don’t know what is.
    He’s not going to win the judges patience with this one.

  2. Off topic much, Aaron? But topic is ALWAYS Aaron, right?
    One more (as if any were needed) example of his contempt of court, IMO.

  3. Aaron Greenspan has proven the court that he is a deranged cyberstalker, serial harasser, obsessed with doxxing and collecting personal data, who suffers from serious mental health issues.
    A Judge should have Aaron Greenspan undergo a mental health screening and he should tell the person who examines him about all of his online cyberstalking, harassment, threats and doxxing, using, @plainsite, @aarongreenspan, his many fake Twitter accounts and gripe sites that are all weaponized to attack his victims. This needs to be communicated to the Judge.
    He knows how to play the victim, when in fact he is the only one who is a criminal cyberstalker, serial harasser, doxxing, threatens people and much more. He is a narcissistic paranoid sicko!

  4. Aaron Greenspan is lying to the Judge and Court. Does he even live at this address:
    Aaron Greenspan 956 Carolina Street San Francisco, CA 94107-3337 Phone: +1 415 670 9350 Fax: +1 415 373 3959 E- Mail: [email protected]
    When is the Judge going to put this stalker and harasser in a mental hospital?

  5. Aaron Jacob Greenspan. does not like it when someone defends themselves and fights his lies, schemes and cons. So, he tries to win by default.

  6. Aaron Greenspan is gay and married to Eric S Teasley for many years. They were married in California but they like to keep their private information nice and tight under wraps from the public. Though, they like everyone else’s private information to be thrown all over the search engines for their profit and doxing and harassment. When Aaron Greenspan writes in the third person, must be because he’s talking about working close and tight with Eric S Teasley. Their honeymoon was in Portugal.

  7. “I realized I could make more money doing this than babysitting,” says Aaron (no relation to Alan), with a laugh.

    And he has.

    Since 1995, he estimates that he’s earned $50,000 – some of which he’s put into new computer equipment and some into the stock market.


    Aaron Greenspan invented Lampshade rofl.

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