Twitter Punishes Aaron Greenspan for Violating Rules Against Abuse and Harassment

Twitter today removed a tweet from Aaron Greenspan’s personal Twitter account, @AaronGreenspan for violating the platform’s rules once again. As punishment for yet another violation of Twitter’s policies, the social media platform locked his personal account for 12 hours. During this time Aaron Greenspan was not allowed to tweet, retweet, or like any tweets from his personal account. Twitter warned Greenspan that any further violations could lead to permanent suspension of his account.

Twitter’s latest disciplinary action follows another investigation just last week where the Twitter account of Aaron Greenspan’s “charity” PlainSite was also found to have violated the Twitter rules once more:

Previously, Aaron Greenspan’s “charity” PlainSite had been permanently suspended at least twice for violating Twitter’s rules against posting private information, as documented in Chapter 6 of the Aaron Greenspan story.

It’s unclear why Twitter continues to allow Aaron Greenspan to weaponize their platform to harass, stalk, and threaten numerous Twitter users, despite multiple suspensions and repeated violations of the Twitter rules. Had Twitter maintained enforcement action against Greenspan’s Twitter accounts in October of 2018 or May of 2019, he would have never been able to doxx me and post my personal information online using those very same Twitter accounts. As a result of Aaron Greenspan and his charity’s hateful incitement, we’ve received violent threats and countless harassing messages from TSLA-Qanon accounts that have bought into Greenspan’s baseless conspiracy theories.

Please join us in calling for @TwitterSupport and @TwitterSafety to permanently suspend every Twitter account owned and controlled by this criminal, including @AaronGreenspan, @PlainSite, @FaceCash, and any other accounts he may have registered. Twitter has the power to immediately stop any further victimization of their user base by this out of control cyberstalker, and we implore them to do so as soon as possible.

In these troubling times, with a global pandemic and threats to democracy, the last thing anyone needs is to pick up a crazy stalker like Aaron Greenspan. I have never met Aaron Greenspan and do not know him at all, but he has stalked, harassed, smeared, and fabricated false accusations against me relentlessly since my 25th birthday (as documented in the Aaron Greenspan story), just because I saw him in the news and tweeted that I didn’t think he invented Facebook. Twitter has the power to stop Aaron Greenspan from using their platform to scope out future victims, and they must do so before serious harm or loss of life inevitably occurs as a result of Greenspan’s criminal misconduct.

We shouldn’t have to wait until after someone dies for action to be taken. These multiple and repeat violations of the Twitter rules are a warning sign, and action must be taken now.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Punishes Aaron Greenspan for Violating Rules Against Abuse and Harassment

  1. Twitter needs to be unbiased and stop discriminating. @aarongreenspan and @plainsite has been violating Twitter Rules for years now and for some reason is receiving preferential treatment, while Aaron Greenspan goes around making up tales and filing false DMCA complaints to get Twitter accounts shut down that tell the truth about his cyberstalking. Never click on, as Aaron Greenspan is harvesting your IP addresses and can then hack your computers and more.

  2. Aaron Greenspan created many fake Twitter accounts, that he uses to snoop on his victims and do lots of cyberstalking, harassment, doxxing, threatens and blackmails his targeted victims relentlessly. Twitter neeeds to do the right thing and shut all of his Twitter accounts down. Why does he cry and complain to @vijaya? Is @vijaya giving him a pass to do all these abuses to the public?

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