Aaron Greenspan’s “Charity” PlainSite Found to Have Violated Twitter Rules Once Again

On Wednesday evening, Twitter concluded an investigation into Aaron Greenspan’s charity PlainSite’s Twitter account. The investigation found that Aaron Greenspan’s charity once again violated the Twitter rules with his campaign of criminal harassment funded by tax-deductible donations from short sellers. Previously, Aaron Greenspan and his charity had been permanently suspended from Twitter at least twice for violating that platform’s rules on posting private information. Beyond that, there have been numerous other rule violations that have not resulted in a suspension.

Some charity, huh?

We’ve reached out to Twitter for comment on why the @PlainSite Twitter account and others controlled by Aaron Greenspan (such as @AaronGreenspan and @Facecash) have not been permanently suspended from Twitter despite multiple and repeat violations of the platform’s rules.

Thank you to everyone continuing to report Aaron Greenspan when he goes over the line. For more information on what you can do to help, contact us privately.

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