Aaron Greenspan’s “Company” Think Computer Surrenders Right to Do Business in California

This just in –– on New Year’s Eve, Aaron Greenspan’s “company” he started during middle school lunch break, Think Computer Corporation, surrendered the right to do business in California.

Here’s what the California Secretary of State has to say about surrendering your right to do business in the state:

A qualified foreign corporation surrenders its right to transact intrastate business in the State of California by filing with the California Secretary of State a certificate pursuant to California Corporations Code section 2112. A Certificate of Surrender of Right to Transact Intrastate Business form (Certificate of Surrender) designed for compliance with these requirements is enclosed.

Upon the filing of the Certificate of Surrender by the Secretary of State, the foreign corporation will be completely surrendered and the corporate rights, powers and privileges of the corporation will cease in California.

It is recommended that legal counsel be consulted prior to submitting the Certificate of Surrender to ensure that all issues are appropriately addressed.

California Secretary of State

Why would Aaron Greenspan surrender all corporate rights, powers, and privileges, including the ability to conduct intrastate business in California?

One possibility is that he’s so poor from all his money-losing short-selling bets that he simply can’t afford to pay the minimum tax for both Think Computer Corporation and Think Computer Foundation. Another possibility is that he’s leaving California and moving back into his Mom’s basement in Ohio, which would be a relief to all his victims. Finally, it’s possible he’s attempting to evade service for the imminent lawsuit against Think Computer Corporation, Think Computer Foundation, and their executives. However, California rules still allow for service of process for any crimes that occurred while the company was registered in the state.

Greenspan’s decision to surrender his corporate rights is questionable, especially as he recently lobbed false accusations that we had improperly failed to register with California’s Secretary of State. If you have any ideas as to what he might be thinking here, let us know. We’ve asked California’s Secretary of State to provide us with all available documents regarding Aaron Greenspan’s businesses and the decision to surrender his corporate rights.

Prior to surrendering its rights, Think Computer Corporation was registered in California as a foreign corporation based out of Ohio:

However, records from Ohio indicate that Think Computer Corporation has a status of “Dead”, with no new filings since 2010. This would seem to suggest that Think Computer Corporation has been operating illegally in California for the last ten years, whereas Think Computer Foundation had been operating and soliciting donations illegally in California for at least 14 years.

UPDATE: Here is the certificate of surrender:

4 thoughts on “Aaron Greenspan’s “Company” Think Computer Surrenders Right to Do Business in California

  1. Both Think Computer Corporation and Think Computer Foundation need to be shut down by the Feds for major tax frauds. What is going on with all these different addresses that Aaron Greenspan uses for these frauds?

    A Judge at the San Francisco Federal Court prohibited Aaron Greenspan from entering any court fillings, some years ago. Most likely after he sued the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and the American Bar Association. That means that this entire case is illegal, as he violated the Judge’s order. He needed to get prior authorization from the Judge, before filing any court documents at the San Francisco Federal Court.

    Attorneys should only communicate with Aaron Greenspan in writing. No emails and no phone calls.

  2. How can people join a class action lawsuit against Aaron Jacob Greenspan, plainsite.org, Think Computer Corporation, Think Computer Foundation and the co-owners? People will pay money to sue this guy for everything he has and to shut all of his cyberstalking websites down.

    My cousin lost her job and reputation because of this criminal.

  3. When requested by a person or company being harmed by plainsite.org, Aaron Greenspan needs to without delay delete the requested any legal documents requested on plainsite.org. Aaron Greenspan needs to stop being a Judge on the Internet and doing whatever he feels like and “as he sees fit”. So, if Aaron Greenspan stops being a cyber stalker, cyber bully, serial harasser who uses the public’s personal information for his doxxing purposes, then he might get along better with the public, but nobody believes this mentally unwell Aaron Greenspan will ever change his evil ways. He does not realize that he cannot just do whatever “he sees fit”, without doing serious damage to many victims. Resolution is the following: If Aaron Greenspan refuses to delete any legal documents that are requested from him on plainsite.org, then he needs to permanently shut down plainsite.org. This will be accomplished by law enforcement and legal means to finally shut down this criminal website plainsitie.org and he will have to pay monetary damages for all the damages that he has caused the public.

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