Aaron Greenspan Asks Court to Hand Him Victory by Default

Aaron Greenspan has today asked the court to grant him victory in his absurd lawsuit by default, claiming that it is illegal for us to try and defend ourselves against his baseless delusions and false accusations. To mask accusations of tax fraud and illegal activity by his “charity” Think Computer Foundation, Greenspan has falsely accused us of failing to pay taxes. Through this tortured logic, he claims he should win the lawsuit by default.

There’s just one problem: Aaron Greenspan has improperly requested default judgment so many times, the judge has forbidden him for applying for entry of default without the Court’s prior approval.

On September 2, 2020, Judge James Donato issued the following court order regarding default and civility:

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The judge called the conduct in court “an unacceptable departure from the civility and professional required of all litigants” and issued the order to “set a course for avoiding further misuse of time, money, and judicial resources“.

The order clearly stated: “We have a strong policy in favor of deciding cases on the merits and not on procedural tactics or technical imperfections“. Because Aaron Greenspan knows his case completely fails on the merits, he is forced to resort to dirty tricks and procedural tactics rather than letting the case be decided based on the facts. If the truth were on Aaron Greenspan’s side, there would be no reason for him to continue to play these games –– but clearly, it’s not.

After multiple attempts at seeking a default judgement earlier in the year, the judge ordered:

Consequently, the default entered at Dkt. No. 27 is lifted, and the request for another entry in Dkt. No. 45 is denied. No further applications for entry of default may be filed by any party without the Court’s prior approval.

Order Regarding Civility and Default

Despite the Judge’s warning, Aaron Greenspan again decided to seek a default judgement in retaliation for our publishing the story of his harassment, criminal activity, and fraud through a fraudulent charity. However, because of the previous court order, Aaron Greenspan was forced to ask the court for approval prior to filing the application for default.

The Judge was extremely clear about what the consequences would be if Aaron Greenspan continued to violate the guidelines for civility and professional conduct by using these kinds of dirty tricks in court:

Now to the bigger picture. In the usual course of business, these relatively minor procedural issues would have been worked out with the civility and professionalism that counsel and parties typically bring to their cases in this District. That did not happen here, which led to a multiplicity of unwarranted filings and attendant waste of resources, including the Court’s. To avoid future incidents along these lines, all parties and their attorneys in this action are directed to read the District’s guidelines on civility and professionalism, which are available at https://www.cand.uscourts.gov/forms/guidelines-for-professional-conduct.

All parties and counsel will be held accountable for conforming to the letter and spirit of the guidelines, including pro se litigant Greenspan. See Jacobsen v. Filler, 790 F.2d 1362, 1364 (9th Cir. 1986). The parties and counsel are advised that a failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in sanctions, including but not limited to claim or defense preclusion, exclusion of evidence, an award of attorney’s fees and costs to an opposing party, professional discipline, and dismissal under Rule 41(b).


Order Regarding Civility and Default

The court order couldn’t have been more explicit: More dirty tricks in court would lead to sanctions. What kind of sanctions? Claim or defense preclusion, exclusion of evidence, the award of attorney’s fees and costs to an opposing party, professional discipline, and dismissal of the case. Even facing these severe consequences, Aaron Greenspan was actually stupid enough to ask the court for permission to apply for default again anyway.

Aaron Greenspan’s main contention is that because he has sued a Delaware corporation it must register in California, otherwise it is not allowed to defend itself. What Greenspan failed to realize is that simply defending against a legal action or suit does not in itself constitute intrastate business in California.

This embarrassing legal blunder may be costly for Greenspan, but it’s hardly surprising. Despite pretending to be a lawyer to deceive and intimidate his victims, Aaron Greenspan actually has no legal education whatesoever. Many people have remarked that his understanding of the law is shockingly weak and that his court filings frequently display his ignorance.

The desire to pretend to be a lawyer stems from a previous rejection decades ago. Aaron Greenspan wanted to attend and take classes at Harvard Law School, but was rejected due to his low IQ. One day when given the opportunity to ask Harvard President Larry Summers a question, Greenspan begged him to allow undergraduate students such as himself to register for classes at the law school. The entire room laughed as President Summers was left speechless by Aaron Greenspan’s shockingly stupid question. They’re not going to let any random loser take classes at Harvard Law, especially when students need to be given priority to meet their prerequisites.

We pray the court will make good on its promise to teach Aaron Greenspan not to make a mockery of the U.S. justice system any longer.

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