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I sent this message to the Autopilot team today, via the bug reporting e-mail for FSD beta:

I see a time in the near future where FSD facilitates many of the transactions a consumer makes every day, such as shopping or buying food.

Tesla should build software for mobile devices as well as the in car interface that allows the user to order food or items from stores with curbside pickup. The other side of the software platform should allow the merchant to see the customer’s ETA in real time so that they can make sure the food is hot / items are ready as soon as the customer arrives.

If it’s a store like Best Buy or Pizza Hut where someone brings your order out to you, the rear camera (or I guess all the cameras) should then be used to detect when the order is approaching and open the trunk or windows as necessary. The end result should be that I can order an HDMI cable from Best Buy or pizza from Pizza Hut and forget about it. When it’s time to go home, FSD stops at the store, opens the trunk, grabs the order and then continues to the final destination.

Why order from Amazon, wait 2 days, and then have someone steal your package when you can order from Tesla and have your order before you get home, with lower shipping overhead and costs every time? Bezos has probably thought about this a lot, hence Zoox and Aurora. Another insight here is that long term post-FSD a lot more commerce will be peer to peer, rather than business to consumer. Just as Uber made some random dude’s car look professional by putting it behind a nice app, in a future where you can order anything instantly from your phone for autonomous delivery a teenager in a garage can build a digital storefront that looks just as nice — or better — than Amazon’s.

You guys should throw some interns on mocking up an early version of this if you haven’t already. Wall street will love it. If Tesla can generate more of its earnings based on the daily transactions of its customer base rather than selling new vehicles, it will transform the business and lead to better quality and other operational improvements without sacrificing volume or profitability.

I’m sure you guys have been thinking about this already, but it’s very interesting to imagine what could be built on the FSD platform.

3 thoughts on “FSD Commerce

  1. On a simple level, FSD could become Uber Eats.

    Or a restaurant could buy its own Tesla and have it deliver to you driveway.

    Once cost per mile declines to 5 cents (2023 Tesla Compact), the cost of delivery becomes trivial.

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