Aaron Greenspan Comments on Chapter 7 of Stalker Story

On Monday, we published the latest chapter of the Aaron Greenspan stalker story, Chapter 7: Who is Aaron Greenspan? The shocking and sad story of Aaron Greenspan’s life has made waves across the internet, attracting more page views than any other chapter.

One person who has been eagerly reading each chapter of the story is Aaron Greenspan himself. In response to the publication of Chapter 7, he delivered the following series of threats. Wait until he sees Chapter 8!

From: Aaron Greenspan <[email protected]
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2021 3:31 PM
Subject: Further Violations

As of last week, Omar is attempting to shame people I know again, and I am concerned for their and my safety, especially given the current extremely frightening tinderbox political environment we find ourselves in fueled largely by disinformation on the internet. As I feared, what you deemed a “virtual shooting gallery” referring to the internet broadly has now become a real shooting gallery in places like the Capitol. So it deeply worries me that as of today, after deliberately moving more of his websites outside of the federal courts’ direct jurisdiction to Eastern Europe just last week (while the lawsuit is pending), Omar has posted what I will diplomatically call a 143-page one-star book review full of so many lies I literally have lost count.

This is not a healthy cycle. The more Omar lies and attempts to escape accountability for his actions, the more facts will be included in my proposed supplemental complaint, which means you will have to spend time reading and opposing it, which means it will cost Omar (and/or his donors) money, which means he will get more upset with me. And since he has now written over 300 pages as part of “The Story” alone, that expense is likely to be significant. And the tragedy here is that it’s entirely avoidable.

The closest thing to an olive branch as I can find is the sentence toward the beginning of Omar’s “Chapter 7” expressing some hope that I would one day be his friend: “However, it’s not as fun living it and I doubt Aaron will ever want to be friends (though I hope I’m wrong).” I’m not exactly sure how to interpret this given that the rest of what he wrote is adamant that I am a “criminal.” If Omar wants to put this all behind him and emerge on good terms, to the extent that is even possible now, this is not the way to proceed. Suffice it to say that each and every public false statement and violation of our agreement is another violation of the Court’s September 2, 2020 Order. Accordingly, I intend to file a motion to compel Omar to comply with that Order, which will involve the removal of all false and/or unlawful content posted about me on any website he controls since it was issued (which effectively means all content he has posted about me since then).

Along those lines, I recently explained that one of Omar’s posts concerning the server in New Jersey was completely false (https://wholemars.net/2020/12/25/aaron-greenspan-attempts-to-hack-into-whole-mars/), and even offered to share evidence with you. You did not respond, yet that post remains on-line. So does the settlement e-mail that you yourself agreed would be kept confidential, leading to your recorded apology by voicemail when it was published the first time. I am confused as to why anything you designated confidential remains public when you have acknowledged that it should not be. And I’m not sure I can safely communicate with you—which is a reflection on your professionalism, not mine—when everything you forward to Omar ends up posted publicly and your promises via phone cannot be relied upon. If the e-mail I sent regarding proposed settlement is not removed from Omar’s website at https://wholemars.net/2020/12/25/merry-christmas-and-thank-you-♥%ef%b8%8f/ today I will be forced to file for further sanctions. I should also be extremely clear that Omar does not have my permission to cite my book, Authoritas, in excess of what is permitted by copyright law under fair use doctrine, which means the minimum amount necessary to make whatever point he is trying to make.

On December 13th, Omar wrote “I don’t know how to make it stop,” with “it” presumably referring to the general conflict between us. The solution is really simple. The only person here churning out hundreds of pages of false information about the other is Omar. All Omar has to do is stop himself. Please ensure that he does.


PlainSite | https://www.plainsite.org

In this first threatening e-mail message, Greenspan promises retaliation should we continue to tell the story of his “charity” Think Computer Foundation’s harassment campaign against myself and other Tesla customers. He writes “The more Omar lies and attempts to escape accountability for his actions, the more facts will be included in my proposed supplemental complaint, which means you will have to spend time reading and opposing it, which means it will cost Omar (and/or his donors) money”.

Threatening to file frivolous legal complaints against journalists exercising their first amendment rights with the stated goal of “cost[ing] Omar money” is not just unethical and wrong –– it’s also illegal. Aaron Greenspan knows there is no chance he will win his meritless lawsuit, but winning isn’t the goal. As he openly admits, his only goal is to cost his victims money and time defending against his baseless allegations. This is called a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation: A legal action initiated to stop someone from speaking up about an issue of public interest. Unfortunately for Aaron Greenspan, SLAPP-suits are illegal under California’s anti-SLAPP law. This law forces anyone found guilty of filing an illegal SLAPP-suit to pay the legal bills of the opposing party. That means that in a beautiful dose of karma, any attempts by Aaron Greenspan to try and retaliate by inflicting financial harm would only end up costing Greenspan himself.

The next day, Aaron Greenspan followed up with another threatening e-mail:

From: Aaron Greenspan <[email protected]
Sent: Monday, January 11, 2021 8:24 PM
Subject: Fwd: Further Violations

Have it your way.

As of 4:51 P.M., Omar is now broadcasting further the settlement e-mail you agreed would be kept confidential and apologized about previously when you referenced violating our agreement the first time on September 9, 2020 in a recorded message. He is further using the e-mail to solicit the interest of author Ben Mezrich, with whom I have a history, to write a book about him.

I suggest that you resign as counsel for Omar Qazi and Smick Enterprises, Inc. Either way, I will be reporting you to the State Bar of California for numerous violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct and 18 U.S.C. § 1621.


PlainSite | https://www.plainsite.org

You can read Aaron Greenspan’s extortion letter, in which he demands $50,000 to drop his SLAPP-suit, on our blog here. The settlement proposal also included a number of other ridiculous demands, such as a donation to the “charity” that has been stalking and harassing me for two years, a public statement praising that charity, and a $100,000 fine for every future mention of Aaron Greenspan. Greenspan does not want people to see these demands because they expose his true intentions behind the lawsuit: harassment and extortion.

We will keep you posted on any further attempts at retaliation by Aaron Greenspan designed to silence us and prevent us from sharing the story of his fraudulent charity’s harassment and threats. The ironic part of all this, of course, is that we don’t want to be spending time talking about Aaron Greenspan. TSLAQ is now irrelevant, and an insignificant nobody like Aaron Greenspan is the last person we want to write about when there are so many more interesting things happening in the world. Bizarrely, Greenspan has repeatedly chosen to forcefully insert himself into our lives without consent, despite the consequences to his reputation and resulting criminal penalties. It is only because of Aaron Greenspan’s own choices that we’re forced to tell this story. We have no control over Greenspan’s choices, but he is free to alter them at any time. Why he has chosen this path of destruction is anyone’s guess.

Chapter 8 of the Aaron Greenspan story contains the most shocking and compelling evidence of criminal activity by the Think Computer Foundation yet. In this next chapter, we will share details of how Think Computer Foundation and Aaron Greenspan incited an anonymous online mob into a campaign of harassment, intimidation, and violent threats through false accusations, including that Tesla customers were paid by Elon Musk to praise the company.

We will share how he targeted my family when I refused to obey his orders to stay silent about his criminal activity.

We will share how Greenspan’s irrational anger over a Bloomberg Businessweek feature I was included in lead him to file numerous false police reports against me, including a claim that I was a pedophile in possession of child pornography filed just one day after the publication of the Bloomberg feature. Filing a false police report is a crime that can land you in prison. We have a copy of the police report and proof that Aaron Greenspan knew he was lying to the police.

We will share how Greenspan silences journalists covering his criminal activity through campaigns of intimidation and fraudulent DMCA takedown notices. And that’s all just the tip of the iceberg –– we will share it all, the whole story.

It’s bound to be the most shocking chapter of the story yet, and could very well send Aaron Greenspan to prison. Our intention in sharing this story is not to harm Aaron Greenspan in any way, but merely to share the truth behind all of Aaron Greenspan’s false and deceptive allegations, with evidence to back it up. Once the story is finished, we will take it to the police to let them know what really happened. We will take it to the IRS, the State of California, and the State of Ohio. We will take it to the Securities and Exchange Commission. We will take it to anyone even remotely connected to Think Computer Foundation who is willing to listen.

In each case, we will press as hard as we can for the harshest civil & criminal penalties available, and push for new restrictions on abusive harassment by short-sellers if necessary. If Greenspan has done nothing wrong, he has nothing to worry about just as his false accusations and demand for criminal charges against me yielded no results. However, Greenspan knows what he has done is very wrong. That’s why he’s starting to get very worried, as these escalating threats suggest.

Aaron Greenspan has admitted that he is willing to resort to violence to silence us if his attempts at non-violent retaliation fail. We’ve received death threats and threats of torture with vivid descriptions, including videos depicting lethal weapons being tested by TSLAQ members. If Greenspan wants to try and hurt us, financially or physically, so be it. If I have to die over this nonsense, so be it. We are going to tell this story, because Aaron Greenspan has left us no other choice.

Aaron, there’s only one way out of this –– and it’s not threats and violence. Apologize and admit you were wrong. Put an end to your harassment campaign immediately. Admit that you were wrong about Tesla customers being compensated by Tesla, and apologize for the harm you caused with your demonstrably false conspiracy theories, designed to incite harassment. You will be amazed at how much easier life is, and how quickly everyone’s opinion of you will change, when you stop acting like a complete asshole. You’re walking down a path that will destroy your business and your life if you don’t change course soon, and you’re smart enough to know that. Turn your life around today –– it’s never too late. You’re at a fork in the road. On one path lies the potential for greatness. On the other, a future in ruin.

Do the right thing and expect nothing in return. Try and undo the damage you’ve caused. Watch how quickly your heart heals without the constant corrosion of hatred eating you from the inside. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly everyone’s attitude towards you changes when you’re not spending your days trying to hurt others.

The choice is yours, and yours alone. Please do the right thing. It would be an absolute shame for someone with your talents and abilities to languish in prison when there’s so much you could do to help the world, instead of trying to burn it down.

We know you’ve been through a lot of pain, and life has often seemed unfair. But that doesn’t mean it makes sense to turn on the world, or to hurt others the way you were hurt. Don’t give up on the world. Don’t give up on love. We are all Americans, and our country needs us now more than ever. Despite everything that’s happened there is still hope, but only if we choose to chase it. Wasting time bickering with each other over complete bullshit is not going to cut it.

4 thoughts on “Aaron Greenspan Comments on Chapter 7 of Stalker Story

  1. While I seriously doubt there is a bright future for Aaron along any road he may pick now, a reasonable start would be to simply stop hurting himself over and over with these fumblingly thuggish attacks which only come back to haunt him. That is the least bad outcome for Aaron at this point, as I see it. He really should have stopped much sooner.

    But equally I doubt he is actually capable of doing what’s best for him. A vital part is missing in his mental setup.

    Meanwhile we can be grateful for Aaron and his cohorts of tsla-shorts for the enrichment they have provided us with, making it possible to support Omar’s case, cause and course. Thanks a billion!

    And thanks, Omar, for sharing this horror story! Best wishes!

  2. “Have it your way” sounds like AG is making another threat. This schmuck tries to intimate everyone. Plainsite.org entire website is dirty laundry of innocent random people.

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