Merry Christmas, and Thank You ♥️

Merry Christmas everyone. This has been a tough year for all of us. Whether you’re with family or alone, I hope you enjoy your holidays. I have a feeling we have a much better year ahead of us.

Of course, I have to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their love and support –– especially people who’ve chipped in to help defend against Aaron Greenspan’s absurd lawsuit against me and Elon Musk. You really have no idea how much it means to me. On top of all of Aaron Greenspan’s harassment and threats, he would have bankrupted me if hundreds of random strangers hadn’t stepped in to save me.

Whether you donated $5 or $5,000 thank you so much. If you’re one of those people, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for favors. I feel incredibly humbled and undeserving of this level of support. When I saw that $5,000 donation came in I was speechless –– it was a really emotional moment. The idea that someone would send me thousands of dollars of their own hard-earned money just to help me, asking nothing in return is just… I’m floored. Really, I’m at a loss for words and do not feel worthy of such an amazing audience. I really love you guys a lot, and you have to know I mean it. I’m going to work as hard as I can to be worthy of your support, and will memorize the names of every single person that donated so I can find a way to make it up to all of you. I have to especially thank Shawn Wylde who donated at least $15,000 and got attacked by Greenspan as a result. Hopefully, the judge will rule that this is a SLAPP suit and Aaron Greenspan will be forced to pay all the legal bills.

In total we’ve received 577 donations so far. That’s insane. That puts the average donation at just $110, and most were much smaller than that. This is the power of the internet –– hundreds of strangers chipping in a little bit to make a huge difference. Without you guys I would have had to give into to Aaron Greenspan’s demands, which I listed below.

Right now there’s around $30,000 of bills left to pay. That’s on top of $64,000 people have already donated. Isn’t that insane? Aaron Greenspan just keeps filing as many motions as possible to try and rack up the legal bills. He’s amended his lawsuit three times, filed two motions for sanctions on me and my lawyers (demanding the court order us to pay him $10,000 each), filed motions to hold us in contempt of court, and all kinds of nonsense like that before the judge has even ruled on the motion to dismiss and anti-SLAPP. Just talking to him and responding to all this stuff wastes a ton of time, money, and resources. At the end of the day he’s going to cost me tens of thousands of dollars even with all the donations, so if you even donated $1 I hope that gives you an idea of how much this means to me. You’ve given me the chance at a normal life after this over, saved me from Greenspan’s attacks, and most of all given me hope in humanity and in the future. Please join me in praying to God every night that the Judge orders Greenspan to pay all the legal fees, plus damages from abuse of copyright and other aggressive actions he’s taken to silence Tesla customers.

Back in September Aaron Greenspan agreed to drop the lawsuit if I paid him $50,000. That would have been cheaper and easier than trying to defend against his dirty tricks, but saying no to that deal was the right thing to do. What Aaron Greenspan is doing is wrong and illegal, and I’m not going to give into his extortion tactics for as long as I can hold on. Thank you all so much for helping me hold on. The truth is going to come out, and once it does justice will be served.

For those curious about what Aaron Greenspan wanted for his settlement, here it is from the horses mouth:

From: Aaron Greenspan <[email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, September 8, 2020 3:56 PM
Subject: Re: Settlement Call Today?

Subject to Federal Rule of Evidence 408

Thanks for your time on the call earlier today. Here is a recap of the issues we discussed, along with a bit more detail about what I would need to see in a settlement agreement.

1. Public Statement

A rough draft of the kind of language I’d envision:

“Omar Qazi, Smick Enterprises, Inc. and Aaron Greenspan announced today that they have settled all outstanding claims in Case No. 3:20-cv-03426-JD, brought in the Northern District of California in May 2020.

Omar Qazi, who runs Smick Enterprises, Inc, stated, “I sincerely regret that this situation escalated to the point that it did. Many of the statements I made about Aaron, his family members, and his non-profit organization, Think Computer Foundation, were simply not true. I’ve had some time to reflect and I now realize that my attacks on social media and various sites were extremely damaging in real life, and I apologize for my actions. I should never have said or done these things. Along with the rest of the public, I have actually benefitted from the work Aaron and his Foundation have done by promoting transparency in the legal system. Thanks to the Foundation’s advocacy, I was able to learn about the details of Tesla’s lawsuit against Rivian and to post the main legal document in that case on my website right away for everyone to read.

At this point I plan to focus my energy on other topics, as I remain enthusiastic about the role that electric vehicles can play in improving society.”

Aaron Greenspan stated, “I am glad that Omar and I have been able to reach this agreement.

As a condition of settlement, Omar Qazi will each donate $5,000.00 to Think Computer Foundation to be used regarding matters aside from those involving Tesla, Inc.

The lawsuit’s claims against Tesla, Inc. and Elon Musk are not affected by this agreement.”

I’m somewhat flexible on the language. This is just to get things started.

The statement would be posted by both sides, on the PlainSite Articles page and on Omar’s personal website, within one hour of signing a settlement agreement.

2. Private Prohibitions


– Omar will not talk about Aaron, Neil, Judi, and Simon Greenspan, any other of Aaron’s family members, Think Computer Corporation, Think Computer Foundation, Turing Feynman LLC, Case Western Reserve University (pertaining to any Greenspan family member), University Hospitals of Cleveland (pertaining to any Greenspan family member), Keene Promotions, or any person mentioned in anything written by Aaron (including but not limited to Jane Kim), or any person or entity Aaron interacts with on social media, except to refer people to the statement above and/or to correct and deny the substance of previous false claims

– Omar will not publicly post or comment on news articles/videos about entities in the above list up through Keene Promotions

– Similar to a TRO, no contact with any of the above people and entities, directly or indirectly, including but not limited to social media or phone calls

– No physical contact; Omar will stay at least 100 yards away from all of the people and entities in the above list up through Keene Promotions for ten (10) years

–  I will not talk unnecessarily on social media about Omar or his company regarding their past actions (which was not happening anyway). But, for example, if Omar continues to publish videos of himself breaking the law in his car, that would be fair game. And as long as the case is captioned Greenspan v. Qazi et al, discussing the lawsuit does not count (see below about changing the caption).

3. Smick Sites

Any and all sites controlled by Omar involving me and/or my family must come down immediately, e.g.,,, Omar will transfer the domain names to me to ensure they will not be used again. The domains will not point to any site once I control them to ensure no retribution.

All blog posts mentioning my name on Omar’s personal sites (any site ending in,, and any others he owns) will also come down immediately. (Before he complains that this is some sort of censorship, keep in mind that it will take a long time to parse each and every false and misleading statement he’s made on those pages and I really don’t think anyone wants to spend the time or money to do that.)

4. Release

In light of the repeated threats of counter-suit, there must be a full release of me, Neil, Judi, and Simon Greenspan, Think Computer Corporation, Think Computer Foundation, and Turing Feynman LLC by Omar and Smick Enterprises, Inc.

5. Legal Referrals

Omar will write letters formally withdrawing any civil or criminal referrals or forms he has sent to any local, state or federal government agency, and Case Western Reserve University, calling for investigation of any of the entities released in (4) above and admitting that they were based on false information.Omar will privately encourage any and all individuals he knows who sent such referrals because of him (in whole or in part) to withdraw them.

6. Twitter

In response to your question, I will not promise or agree to take any further action with regard to contacting Twitter, Inc. about the @tesla_truth account, but will not stop Omar from working out the issue of whether he is still banned on his own with the company. He can of course show them our settlement press release. If they allow him back on, that is their decision.

7. Scott Woods and Other Agents

All the terms of this agreement shall apply equally to Scott Woods and/or any other individual with access to any social media account used by Omar or Scott Woods, whether they sign as a co-signatory with Omar or whether we insert a clause saying that any breach by such individuals shall be considered a breach by Omar, which should give Omar ample incentive to convince Scott and/or others to abide by its terms.

I’m not sure if Scott is formally affiliated with Smick Enterprises, Inc., but that’s another possible way he could be covered. Or, if we consider Scott and/or others to be Omar’s agent(s), then the agreement is binding on all agents, subsidiaries, parents, affiliates, servants, employees, heirs, beneficiaries, successors, assigns, etc.

8. Diego MasMarques, Jr.

If Omar has been in touch with anyone he knows or suspects of being Diego MasMarques, Jr., he will disclose those communications to me immediately and cease all further communication with those accounts/individuals.

9. Confidential Explanation of Past Conduct

– Omar must truthfully explain who, if anyone, the “Jim” was referenced in his January 2017 Direct Message (Second Amended Complaint Exhibit D, ECF No. 70-4, Page 2), and the circumstances of such involvement.

– Omar must truthfully explain any and all facts he is aware of regarding the transmission of the false accusatory text messages and pornographic fax to me in August 2019.

– Omar must truthfully explain any and all facts he is aware of regarding the blocked call received by Neil Greenspan on May 25, 2020 about the lawsuit.

(Why? Because if there is a breach of contract I am entitled to having these facts at the ready to use in any further litigation.)

10. Payment

$50,000.00 total from Omar, whether directly or from his GoFundMe fund:

$5,000.00 to Think Computer Foundation

$45,000.00 to me (inclusive of reimbursement for costs of filing, service of process, etc.)

(That’s less than 200 shares worth of Tesla stock at today’s prices. Only 100 if Omar sold when it was over $500 per share a few days ago.)

11. Breach

Any breach of contract on Omar’s part would result in a penalty of no less than $100,000.00 per breach. I will not agree to any symmetric term as there is considerably less (no) risk of a breach on my part.

12. Lawsuit

If this framework is agreeable, I will withdraw the Rule 11 motion before the deadline to reply with the expectation that we will sign a formal written agreement encompassing this message’s provisions by Friday, September 11, 2020.

Once signed, we file a joint motion to voluntarily dismiss the lawsuit, which you can write for my review. As a condition of settlement, you can motion to change the caption to Greenspan v. Musk et al with my consent.


This is a good deal for Omar. It lets us both live in peace, puts an end to a lot of uncertainty, it limits his financial exposure, it avoids my having to file for a TRO against him, and it is far, far less than a judge or jury could potentially award against him for the behavior he has willfully engaged in for nearly two years.

Aaron Greenspan

What a jackass, right?

Merry Christmas everyone, and thank you again for everything. I don’t know if I would have been able to get through this without you.

Aaron Greenspan has filed an illegal SLAPP-suit against Elon Musk and Omar Qazi for bringing attention to allegations of tax fraud, securities fraud, cyberstalking, and criminal harassment by the Think Computer Foundation (doing business as PlainSite). If you can please donate to the Legal GoFundMe or via PayPal to make sure Aaron Jacob Greenspan is finally held accountable for his harassment of so many Tesla customers

P.S. I’ve heard some people say “why doesn’t Elon just pay the legal costs”. It’s a natural question to ask, given that he’s now like the second richest guy on Earth or something, but I don’t want his money nor would I ever ask. The problem is that Greenspan has been trying to push this conspiracy that Elon Musk is paying me or that we’re in cahoots somehow, and the fact that he hasn’t ever paid me anything is one of the strongest pieces of evidence I have that Greenspan has completely slandered me with baseless false accusations that he and his charity are criminally liable for. Aaron Greenspan is an incredibly deceptive and manipulative person, and he’s clearly trying to create a “trap” where I need Elon to help me so he can go “AHA! You are secretly getting paid by Elon Musk!”. I’m not going to fall into that trap if I can help it. I want to continue to give my honest opinions on Tesla and other companies and do not want to accept payment from Tesla or Elon Musk or anyone else I’m covering. Elon has asked me about legal costs, but I told him that hopefully the donations would cover it. If Elon gives me any money Greenspan will try and make some bullshit case that we broke all kinds of laws, and I want to avoid that as much as possible. Really, Elon has done more to help me than anyone could have asked for just by speaking up against Greenspan’s harassment of Tesla customers. He’s a good guy.

10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, and Thank You ♥️

  1. Omar, want to send some € to help but don’t have PayPal and my cards keep getting blocked on the gofundme. Hit me a messe @ Twitter to check other possibilities (@PortugalTesla). Merry Christmas

  2. Hey Omar

    Happy Christmas! – I don’t know how else to contact you, so here goes..

    I’ve been donating what I can to the cause but I’m a bit broke since buying my Model 3 and saving up for a house! The Model 3 was your fault btw 🙂

    Anyway, I was the one “obsessing” over “Jim” on Twitter when you were still on the platform. I really hope he is Aaron’s fiction now because, well that would be weird otherwise!!

    I’d like to put an offer out there to help with anything you need a hand with while going through all of this. We have some stuff in common. Happy to catch up sometime. I’ll put my legit details in the form.

    All the best
    Jim’s friend

    1. hahahah. thank you so much for offering but I think things are alright for now. I will keep you guys posted. Take care of yourself and your model 3 first 😂

  3. Good luck, Omar! My $50 donation was modest, but I am a person of almost zero net worth. If I get in better financial waters I’d love to help again, no questions asked. If I can do anything where you could use my skills, hit me up, you know how to find me.

    Best of luck, you got this, mate!

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