Aaron Greenspan Attempts to Hack into Whole Mars

As we continue to publish the story of Aaron Greenspan and his fraudulent charity PlainSite’s harassment campaign against Tesla customers, it appears that Greenspan spent Christmas attempting to hack into the admin interface for this website. Ostensibly, he hoped to gain unauthorized access to Whole Mars to remove the story, disrupt this site, or preview the content of future chapters.

Based on server logs, we can see that someone tried to log in to several user accounts but provided the incorrect password. As part of our security protocol, the IP address from which the failed login attempts originated was logged for inspection. We were then able to trace the IP address to find that it originated from a data center in New Jersey:

When we saw the failed login attempts we suspected immediately that Greenspan or one of his associates might be behind it. Greenspan not only has the motive to attack, but also has a history of taking extraordinary measures to try and silence critics. When we traced the requests back to a server in New Jersey, that further confirmed our suspicions.

Why? Because Aaron Greenspan has operated corporate servers in New Jersey as far back as when he was in college. In fact “houseSYSTEM”, the terribly named supposed “Facebook” he invented that attempted to steal Harvard students’ school login information was hosted in that New Jersey data center. Greenspan admitted this in an excerpt from his autobiography where he describes being questioned by the FBI:

I was a complete wreck. I was angry, I needed sleep, and I had been given the run-around by the FBI and Secret Service, the two federal agencies responsible for handling “cybercrime” […]

Since the original hard drive was barely salvageable but contained evidence of the perpetrators’ actions from afar, I had my data center’s staff in New Jersey remove the drive and send it to the Secret Service for processing. The FBI arrived at Keene’s offices a few days later to interview me.

Aaron Greenspan, Authoritas

Just a few hours before the hacking attempt began, Aaron Greenspan delivered the following legal threat:

Of course New Jersey is a big state, and lots of people have servers there besides just Aaron –– but it is an interesting data point. Previously, CleanTechnica journalist Johnna Crider received a death threat on her personal blog that originated from IP address

That IP address also traced back to a proxy server in New Jersey.

The call for Crider to commit suicide echoes sentiment tweeted publicly by Bertel Schmitt, a known TSLAQ member, and accomplice of Aaron Greenspan. Previously, Bertel Schmitt spent his career as an advertising executive for Volkswagen, selling the public Dieselgate products. Those cars poisoned customers, emitting more toxic emissions than was legally allowed by employing illegal defeat devices that reduced toxic pollutants only during emissions tests.

It’s unclear whether Mr. Schmitt is harassing Tesla customers on Volkswagen’s orders, or acting of his own accord.

UPDATE: Greenspan has responded denying responsibility for the attack, claiming it was merely a coincidence that the unauthorized login attempts began hours after his email and publication of stories concerning his charity. He has threatened legal action for disclosing the hacking attempt:

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