Aaron Greenspan Delivers Christmas Day Threat

Aaron Greenspan has begun to retaliate for the publication of the story of his charity’s harassment campaign. On Christmas Day at 4:05 PM, Aaron Jacob Greenspan delivered the following threat legal threat:

Just three hours later, he began attempting to gain unauthorized access to the Whole Mars admin interface. What a way to spend Christmas! However, we only became aware of the email he sent prior to the attack on Monday. Since Christmas, Greenspan has continued to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site multiple times every day.

The delivery of a threat on Christmas was no mistake. This is the strategy of Think Computer Foundation’s relentless cyberstalking and harassment campaign: Never let the victim have a happy day. Christmas? Your birthday? These are the best times to attack. Aaron Greenspan’s message to his victims is clear: You will never have another happy day again, so you might as well kill yourself now. It’s violent psychological assault, pure and simple.

We’ve seen enough of these intimidation tactics that they no longer affect us. We encourage Greenspan to file as many documents in court as he likes, despite the cost of responding to each one. After all under California’s anti-SLAPP rule, Greenspan may well be on the hook for paying for the defense.

We will continue publishing the Aaron Greenspan story despite any attempts by Aaron Greenspan, Neil Greenspan, or Judith Greenspan to retaliate against us for disclosing their charity’s harassment and criminal activity.

UPDATE: Aaron Greenspan has responded with a comment on this post:

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  1. He’s mentally ill and the Judge should have him placed involuntarily in a secure mental health facility but not on the taxpayers’ dime.

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