Choice Moments from Aaron Greenspan’s Autobiography

Aaron is trying hard to make sure nobody reads my review of his book. You can read more about Aaron Jacob Greenspan’s attempts to silence his critics here.

To avoid frivolous copyright claims, we’re no longer hosting this article on the server. Thankfully our friends at the Victims of Aaron Greenspan Foundation have agreed to host a copy of the original article for all to see. Please share it with your friends, as Aaron doesn’t want anyone to read it.

You can read the original article here.

9 thoughts on “Choice Moments from Aaron Greenspan’s Autobiography

  1. Wow this is pretty bad. I can’t believe he told the girl NO to carrying her books lol so awkward. BTW, picked up our Model Y June 30 because of your posts. Best car ever, thanks for the FUD fighting!

  2. After reading this, I now think that he isn’t a sociopath (as I previously suspected), but rather just a bad case of Asperger’s. Not surprising really, given his brother’s classical autism, and the fact that autism spectrum disorders tend to run in the family…

    Unfortunately, Aaron seem to be of the obnoxious kind, who is convinced that his interpretation of everything is objective and universal; so anyone not abiding by his conclusions must be crossing him on purpose, and it’s his right to get back at them…

  3. Aaron Greenspan needs to be court ordered in to a mental health facility for a thorough evaluation and only released with conditions. No access to the Internet. No access to any personal information on anyone or anything. No snooping around on anybody or anything. No use of social media or, as it is being used to cyber stalk and harass people. If released from a mental health facility, he will have to see a mental health provider on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and he must at all times give his real home address. Currently he is acting like he is living in California, as he enjoys doing all his schemes by emails, phone and fax but he is living with his parents in Shaker Heights, Ohio. He should not be allowed to do any legal correspondence by email and be made to show up physically to any of hiis legal nonsense, as this will cost him time and money and he will have to show where he really resides.
    The public has a right to know what the exact mental illnesses are that Aaron Greenspan suffers from, so that the public can be safe and this needs to be communicated to law enforcement, so they enforce all conditions on this mentally deranged public nuisance, stalker and serial harasser.

  4. Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his partner/husband Eric Steven Teasley who enjoys being under the radar and currently works at Google where he has access to highly sensitive legal, medical and personal documents are using their data mining monetized website to cyberstalk, dox and serial harass their targeted victims with the information that they then change around and send to the victims’ employers, leasing offices and anywhere else that will damage the reputations of their many victims.
    Both Aaron Greenspan and his partner Eric Teasley also use various socia media accounts to promote their weaponized, such as Twitter accounts @aarongreenspan and @plainsite. Both Aaron Greenspan and Eric Teasley have been living comfortably off of their since 2011 and they often start off their sentences with “We”, as they are the only two employees at this reputation destroying website

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