Unsworth Attorney Lin Wood Farts Publicly; $TSLAQ Shits Pants

Vernon Unsworth’s Attorney Lin Wood delivered a pretty amazing statement yesterday:

Yes, that’s right. Lin Wood, who offered to represent Unsworth for free, has given up and admitted defeat. Bravo to Lin for doing the respectable and gracious thing.

Tesla short-sellers were counting on Wood to destroy Tesla once and for all. This was supposed to be $TSLAQ’s big moment. After provoking a conflict between Unsworth and Musk on Twitter and encouraging Wood and Unsworth to unsuccessfully sue Musk, $TSLAQ was furious and foaming at the mouth as they were forced to give up hope that the incident would save them from billions of dollars in losses.

Lin Wood had more to say on the subject in a letter to the editor on Law.com:

I congratulate Elon Musk and the lawyers on his team at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan for their efforts to achieve a verdict for their client that spoke the truth. Alex Spiro and Bill Price are exceptional lawyers. Their efforts contributed greatly to the verdict that spoke the truth: Musk’s July 15, 2018, comments about Vernon Unsworth were nothing more and nothing less than an insult. Insults by definition do not convey fact. And truth, even in the hands of skilled lawyers, does not change.

Lin Wood

This is a stunning reversal from Wood’s earlier statements that he would attempt a retrial. What changed his mind? Some are speculating that it might have been this:

The court ordered the plaintiff to reimburse the defense for the cost of action –– in other words, not only did Wood not get paid he’s probably going to have to pay for Elon’s lawyers too. Can you blame the guy for not being excited to do it all again?

Naturally, $TSLAQ (the internet troll group that instigated and contrived the entire controversy as part of their elaborate financial fraud and social media disinformation campaign) was outrated. As always, watching them cry as their life savings were obliterated is a great source of entertainment.

Before we begin, let’s recall what the $TSLAQ troll group was saying about Lin Wood before the trial:

Amazing what a difference a few weeks can make
TeslaCharts claimed that Elon Musk had blackmailed Lin Wood into making the statement
@pac_watson also implied extortion was involved

Lin Wood seemed to be unphased by the reactions of all the internet trolls who got him into this mess in the first place. To close off the letter, he noted that the Musk / Unsworth trial would be his last:

As for me, I promised my family on Thanksgiving Day that the trial for Unsworth would be my last jury trial. I will fade away with my silver hair wisdom ready to help only if needed. I have had the privilege of training a group of skilled young lawyers in this trial to take over the reins and be in the next generation of trial lawyers […]

The truth vindicated Musk and Unsworth. Our system of justice worked. Truth emerged and all of those privileged to participate in our system leave this case as winners.

Lin Wood

Enjoy your retirement, Lin. And to all the shawties getting killed today: I’m sorry you’re so bad at investing.

Watch $TSLAQ crap their pants after Unsworth Lawyer Lin Wood congratulates @elonmusk and says “our system of justice works”:

Read the full letter at Law.com

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7 thoughts on “Unsworth Attorney Lin Wood Farts Publicly; $TSLAQ Shits Pants

  1. I love these TSLAQ trolls. They live a life of disappointments and have been wrong for years. That’s fine, we get the last laugh (again). The best is @TESLAcharts before the trial….”Grateful for many blessings and that @LLinWood exist” 😂🤣 😂 Maybe be grateful for the TRUTH

  2. $tslaq once again prove themselves to be the true charlatans. Facts, decency, common sense, and the rule of law do not phase them, ever. They’re like an army of Trumps.

  3. I somehow missed the bit about Lin Wood retiring… I guess it makes the sudden conciliatory tone a little more understandable.

    Still pretty dumbfounding tough, considering that he ranted just a day earlier how the jury made a terrible mistake…

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