Brand New Redesigned Mast App Launches for iOS

If you haven’t read about Mastodon, you should join –– it’s an open source distributed alternative to Twitter based on the ActivityPub W3C standard. It’s like a cool, open, federated Twitter with no trolls allowed because every server can take charge of moderating their own community in a common sense way.

We have our own Mastodon server that anyone can join for free. Once you join, make sure to follow @[email protected].

While logging in from a web browser works fine, most people want to use apps to access their social networks. Since Mastodon is open anyone can make their own app, but most aren’t very good. That’s why I was excited to see a brand new Mast app for iOS, redesigned from the ground up.

It’s free with in app purchase upgrades, so there’s no reason not to check it out. With this better Mastodon experience I’m sure I’ll be tooting a lot more.

Download the new Mast App on the App Store

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