Bloomberg: German Prosecutors Raid Volkswagen Offices in Diesel Probe

New from Christoph Rauwald and Birgit Jensen:

Volkswagen AG offices were raided by German prosecutors as part of a probe into diesel engines, marking a fresh setback for the manufacturer’s efforts to draw a line under an emission-tests cheating scandal that erupted four years ago.


Surprise, surprise: It turns out when you illegally poison the air and lie about it, people don’t just forget.

Volkswagen proactively disclosed the technical facts underlying the allegations to the responsible investigation authorities and registration authorities at an early stage [and] considers the public prosecutor’s legal opinion and the resulting investigations to be unfounded.

Volkswagen, in a statement

Uh huh. Sounds like you guys have totally got this under control.

Volkswagen admitted to U.S. authorities in September 2015 that it cheated on diesel emissions tests, triggering a crisis that has cost the world’s biggest automobile manufacturer about 30 billion euros ($33 billion) and counting.


“$33 billion in fines”

“Electric vehicles are worthless”

A memo to all the Volkswagen affiliated online trolls who claim to care so much about fraud: Do you not see what’s happening in Wolfsburg?

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  1. VW internal monologue: why are you harping on emissions when we’re $40 BILLION short on our pension obligations?

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