Gali thinks Model Y Deliveries Could Begin This Year

Check out this new Hyperchange video. Gali got a tip from a Patreon supporter: apparently, someone’s Tesla delivery advisor said they were going to be delivering a few Model Ys before the end of the year.

In their Q3 2019 update letter, Tesla said “Model Y ahead of schedule, production expected by summer 2020”. A handful of deliveries this quarter would be far beyond what anyone is exepcting, and what most people (including me) think is possible.

I had expected deliveries in Q2 with Tesla aiming for a surprise start to deliveries in Q1. That would help Tesla counteract an expected US slowdown due to the expiration of US federal income tax credits. I didn’t consider Q4 a possibility, but I guess it might make sense if they’re only doing a small number of deliveries. Who knows –– take it with a grain of salt.

UPDATE: Vincent claims to hear some whispers from Suppliers that this may be true. Again, take this with a grain of salt:

Here’s the full video from Hyperchange:

3 thoughts on “Gali thinks Model Y Deliveries Could Begin This Year

  1. Well, prototypes have been out in the wild for a while; so I think it plausible that they might do some initial pre-production runs this year — and I guess they *might* deliver some of these to insiders, similar tp early Model 3 production… But frankly, even that seems unlikely, until they start actual series production — which should be Q1 at the very earliest.

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