Bloomberg: Rich Californians Spend $30k+ to Avoid Blackouts

A new trend is sweeping California:

As Californians face years of intentional blackouts — a strategy by the state’s utilities to prevent wildfires — homeowners are rushing to find alternative sources of power to keep the lights on. Last month’s outages, in particular, swept across affluent areas just outside of San Francisco, hitting people who have the means to pay up for pricey equipment.


Well, only Californians need solar and batteries. Nobody else in the world has these kinds of problems. Right?

The trend isn’t unique to California. With climate change colliding with an aging grid, residents of areas from snowy New England to the hurricane-threatened South face more disruptions to power. But with costs for whole-house generators or solar and battery packages running tens of thousands of dollars, the demand for backup systems underscores a stark reality: Wealthy people will be able to endure outages while the poor are left in the dark.


Unless battery technology and costs improve. Hopefully someone is working on that.

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