Green Car Reports Rides in the Mustang Mach-E

Friday evening, groups of three journalists were able to ride in prototype Mach-Es over a 10-minute route that included the streets of Hawthorne, California—right past Tesla’s Southern California design studio, where we rode along in a Tesla Model Y earlier in the year—and both an acceleration run and a short slalom course.

Green Car Reports

One of the few people to have taken a ride in Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E. What did they think?

The most notable impression was that unlike some electric cars, there wasn’t the feeling of being kicked in the back when the right pedal was floored. Instead, the acceleration seemed swift, but linear and steady, rather than the instant thrust of some other performance EVs.

Green Car Reports

Don’t you hate it when cars go too fast?

Noise levels inside were low, though our driver kept the amplified “Unbridled” noise-generator on, providing a kind of throaty whirring sound to underscore the car’s performance. It was less intrusive than such noises on other cars, including the Porsche Taycan we tested the day before, whose amplified noise is loud enough to be tedious and tiring. (Ford lets drivers switch off the synthetic generated sound at any time.)

Green Car Reports

Seriously? More fake engine noise?

Getting into the Mach-E requires pushing a small, round, lit button that unlatches the door and pushes it clear of the frame. In front, there’s a small metal bar around which you can hook a couple of fingers to pull the door fully open. In the back, after pushing the button, you cup your fingers around the upper part of the frame next to the button and pull.

Green Car Reports

Get ready to explain this to everyone who gets in your car.

Ford provided airfare, lodging, and meals to enable Internet Brands Automotive to bring you this first-person report.

Green Car Reports

Imagine what someone who didn’t get a free trip to LA thinks. All kidding aside, looks like a great new EV overall.

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