Plaid Model S & X to sport bigger batteries, likely 400 mile+ range

On Twitter a couple of hours ago, Elon Musk confirmed that the all new Plaid drivetrain Model S & Model X will feature a battery bigger than 100 kWh.

At the Tesla annual shareholder meeting earlier this year Elon noted that you could buy a Tesla with up to 370 miles of range, and also hinted that soon the max range available would be over 400 miles. With Elon confirming that the Plaid Model S & X will have larger batteries, it seems all but certain that the introduction of the Plaid Drivetrain will include the models with more than 400 miles of max range that he alluded to.

There are many questions remaining. Will these new higher capacity packs be enabled by Tesla’s new battery technology acquired from Maxwell, including features dry electrode cells that require dramatically less capex per unit of capacity as well as improving performance and longevity? Will it use the custom designed cells Tesla is rumored to be producing?

If so, could the Model 3 be getting an upgrade to a 100 kWh battery or higher? This would put the range for the car around 420 miles.

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