Diecast Roadster Suggests Design Now Finalized

A diecast 1:18 scale Tesla Roadster 2.0 is now available for purchase for $250 on Tesla’s website — or at least it was, before it instantly sold out.

Okay, I kind of want one…

With important mass market models like the Model Y, Cybertruck, and even the Semi all waiting to go into production, it’s hard to say when the Roadster (which has been called “the dessert” by CEO Elon Musk) will start to show some progress towards the first deliveries. But lately we have seen a few signs.

The new “plaid drivetrain” Model S and Model X, which famously beat the Porsche Taycan at the Nürburgring use the same three motor setup (two on each rear wheel, one for the front wheels) that we’ll see in the Roadster 2. We know that the upgraded Model S & X drivetrain will be available with an even bigger battery option and 400 mile range around this time next year. Once the three motor setup has been tested in Model S and Model X at higher volumes, it should be ready and perfect for the Roadster.

The other hint Tesla is making progress is this diecast model.

The model is to exactly to scale and all the doors open and close

According to the description on the Tesla store:

Tesla, the Roadster 2.0 diecast scale model was meticulously overseen by the Tesla Design Team. Every detail, curve and surface was replicated from the same 3D CAD data used to manufacture the actual Roadster


If this is directly from Franz and his design team, and they’re telling us it’s the same CAD file used to make the actual Roadster…

Well, that must mean the production design for the Roadster is starting to get finalized.

What do you think? Would you waste your money on this? Would you waste your money on the actual Roadster 2.0 for $200,000? Let us know in the comments.

View the Roadster 2.0 Model on the Tesla Store

So when do you think it will ship?

My guess is 2021, but could be 2022 even? They’re not going to make a lot of these, so it will be slow and mostly manually assembled I believe.

2 thoughts on “Diecast Roadster Suggests Design Now Finalized

  1. My guess is somewhere around late 2021.

    As for volumes, I’m thinking it will be in the upper four figures per year — not exactly large volume in terms of automotive production, but not really “hand assembly” either…

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